Japan to launch antitrust probe into Apple, Google’s actions

Tech giants like Apple and Google are often in difficult situations these days in many countries including the EU, China, Russia and even India because of their supposedly “anti-competitive” practices and policies that seem to compromise user safety and privacy. And now Japan is the youngest country to join the League of States Suspicious of the activities of these popular platforms and industry leaders as policy violations continue to increase.

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Smartphones and the US connection

According to the announcement, first reported by Nikkei Asia, the Japanese government will set up a special body later this month to keep an eye on the alleged “commission” between US tech biggis and domestic smartphone -Manufacturer. The Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems are currently the largest players on the Japanese smartphone market, accounting for around 90% of the total volume. Therefore, if the panel reports suspicious activity by these US companies, the country’s government could tighten its antitrust regulations.

Apple and Google

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Many drama in many countries

Japan is not the only country to have recently tightened its stance on the workings of US tech companies, often faced with rising levels of suspicion among nations about their activities, many claiming to impede healthy competition in the industry, by creating a kind of monopoly and business killing for smaller businesses.

Russia, for example, recently fined Google and Facebook for allegedly failing to remove content banned by the country’s government, including posts on child pornography and those that “encourage violations,” according to statements published by the country’s regulator “. . For similar reasons, Twitter has also seen an apparent “slowdown” in Russia in recent months.

In addition, the EU had also launched a full investigation into how Apple Inc. was working in European countries after reports surfaced that the company had violated antitrust rules in relation to its app store. In addition, less than a week ago, Luxembourg circulated a draft decision on a pending Wirth fine of $ 425 million that Amazon Inc., led by Jeff Bezos, could soon hit over user privacy issues.

In addition, India has also had a bit of an argument with social media platforms recently over alleged non-compliance with the IT ministry’s new IT rules.

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