Jailed Rapper Casanova Disciplined for TikTok Video Dance Problem – NBC New York

Rapper Casanova, detained in New York on a gang-related federal criminal case, faces disciplinary charges over a dance challenge video posted on social media.

The 34-year-old rapper, whose legal name is Caswell Senior, is being disciplined by Westchester County Jail officials after a woman recorded that he accepted the so-called Junebug challenge during a video visit, the Journal News reported.

The challenge asks TikTok users to perform a series of movements in the strangest place they can think of. The woman recorded Casanova dancing in prison and posted it on Instagram, the newspaper reported.

Westchester County Proofreader Joseph Spano said proofreaders had revoked Casanova’s video visit privileges because it was illegal to record video and take pictures during a virtual visit.

“I’m happy to say we don’t have a lot of problems with video visits because inmates know it’s a privilege, not a right,” Spano said.

Casanova is charged again for not wearing a mask, authorities said.

An email was sent to Casanova’s lawyer on Sunday asking for a comment.

Casanova was among 18 alleged members of the gang of the untouchable gorilla Stone Nation indicted in December on a variety of crimes in New York City and elsewhere in New York state. Casanova pleaded not guilty of conspiracy to extortion, conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, and gun possession.

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