‘It was like BAM! Ridiculously lengthy lashes!’

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Who needs eyelash extensions when you have a TikTok approved eyelash serum for under $ 13?

If you want luscious lashes, TikTok recently discovered a product that can help your lashes grow boldly in less than a month – and users have the evidence (aka before-and-after clips). Maybelline Lash Sensational Serum is a drugstore find where the internet speaks. The simple serum has gone viral on TikTok in the past few weeks. Several TikTok users document their results over a period of 4 weeks.

“I swear by this product,” wrote one TikTok user in the caption of her video. “It’s the holy grail and it’s so cheap.”

Maybelline Lash Sensational Serum$ 12.69

Image credit: Maybelline

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The popular serum contains arginine and vitamin B5 as active ingredients that beauty experts attribute to stronger, fuller eyelashes. The brand says that general strengthening will help prevent broken eyelashes and makeup removal, so your lashes look healthy and shiny.

Plus, after swiping your lashes with the serum, you can actually apply mascara as the treatment acts as a primer. This is often not the case with many eyelash growth serums.

The serum is applied with a mascara-like wand so it’s easy to apply from root to tip. And you’ll likely find it a lot easier to apply than brush applicators, which tend to get messy quickly.

“My eyelashes broke and that brought them back to life,” writes one shopper simply.

“I’ve had quite long eyelashes, but now I look like I have eyelash extensions,” wrote another reviewer. “I had to use it consistently for a few weeks – but suddenly it was just like BAM! Ridiculously long eyelashes! My eyelashes are literally touching my eyebrows. “

The story goes on

Image credit: Maybelline

Image credit: Maybelline

Many buyers even say the product is good for people with sensitive skin and eyes, even if they’ve reacted badly to competing products.

“I have sensitive skin, so I was hesitant about using this,” writes one reviewer. “But I wanted my eyelashes to grow and it was a good choice. Within a few days I noticed a difference – and within a few weeks my eyelashes were significantly longer. “

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