It is All the time Sunny’s Rob McElhenney has joined TikTok and it is simply unbelievable

Rob McElhenney, who plays Ronald ‘Mac’ McDonald in the hit comedy series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, has turned the TikTok world upside down with his hilarious contributions since joining the platform.

Rob McElhenney hasn’t been on TikTok long. He joined in June 2021 and has only posted nine videos since then. But he has already amassed more than 600,000 followers and 3 million likes and has left countless people in the lurch during that time.

His first post, which featured self-deprecating humor about being a middle-aged man on TikTok, was played over 3 million times.

@ rmcelhenneyWon’t stop. ♬ Original sound – Rob McElhenney

But that was nothing compared to subsequent posts that drew numbers between 5 million and 8 million views. No wonder, given his popularity on the show. However, the quality and serenity of its content is the biggest factor.

For example, his most viral video has a caption that says, “If you live in Hollywood but they forget you’re from Philly.” It starts with him moving his head to a hip-hop beat and pantomime rapping, only to take a hilarious turn when his cat jumps on the kitchen counter.

From there, his wife calls him for making a TikTok video telling people he’s off the hood and mocking him for going to private school and it ends up with that he begs them to “support more” before trying again. one more time.”

@ rmcelhenney ## fromthehood ## thehood ## philly ## wrexham ## cat ♬ original sound – Rob McElhenney

There are plenty of other great clips out there too. His collaboration with Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington, in which the actor shook his head while watching his face on a slot machine in a Las Vegas casino, was also a huge hit.

It’s the kind of content and humor the show’s fans were hoping for, and so far it has exceeded their expectations as TikTok’s new golden god.

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