Is Icierra lifeless? Followers left involved about TikTok star as loss of life rumors swirl on-line

TikTok star Icierra, also known as Cierra Green, is the latest victim of an online death rumor. With new rumors of celebrity deaths popping up online every other day, hoaxes have become incidents that are common in fandoms.

After her TikTok account was blocked, rumors of Icierra’s death surfaced on the internet. TikToker, 24, gained popularity through her gaming and cosplay videos.

She collected almost 300,000 TikTok followers and a total of 12 million likes within a short period of time. However, the popular account was recently banned by TikTok for violating community guidelines.

Icierra had previously come under fire for alleged racist, homophobic and online harassment controversies. The social media influencer previously mentioned that she suffered from moderate autism. Her TikTok bio mentioned that she is a “Jacksepticye fan, gamer, cosplayer, furry and forgiven”.

The allegations of the content creator’s alleged death resulted from a suspension on her official TikTok account. Icierra’s complete silence on other social media platforms only added to the rumors.

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Fans went back in shock when rumors of Icierra’s death surfaced online

The terrible rumor of Icierra’s death shocked fans. Several TikTok users went to their accounts to mourn the death of the social media star.

An official confirmation of the cause of death of Icierra is not yet available. Fans took to Twitter to share their concerns and disbelief over Icierra’s alleged death.


– 𝔐𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐌͟𝐈͟𝐍͟𝐃͟ (@BLAMMEDllSM) June 17, 2021

icierra died ????! ??!

– Colorless + _ + (@Colorlesred) June 17, 2021

put my cell phone down for a couple of hours and learned that icierra (from Tiktok) may have died

tbh all I have seen of her was constant ableism from her “fans”, if she is really dead then may she rest in peace

– Owner of Antifa (@dukenuketheem) June 18, 2021

why does everyone say that icierra is dead?

– Mina ✡ | 3.5k for sayu / ganyu / yoimiya / ayaka (@serratheworld) June 17, 2021

Screw Scott Cawthon retired ICIERRA FUCKING DIED ????

– fog! happy pride !! (@lyrkster) June 17, 2021

Icierra apparently died, I fucking cry

-) (TINA TWERKER) ((@KittenEpic) June 17, 2021

Meanwhile, an Instagram user named “Cierra Green” claimed to be Icierra’s real IG account and exposed the death hoax. The user went to their Instagram story and mentioned that they were alive.

Instagram user

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