Inventive concepts for tips on how to use Fb outlets this festive season

This festive season will be different from the past, which means setting up a digital storefront to reach customers in the festive shopping mentality is more important than ever. Although shopping might look different now, you can see it as an opportunity to start fresh, explore new product features and tools, and find creative ways to get into the festive spirit.

Take Facebook Shops, for example, a shopping experience where businesses can easily create an online shop on Facebook and Instagram for free. Stores make it easy for any seller, regardless of size, to get their business online and connect with people wherever and whenever it is convenient. Start setting up your shop and use Facebook Shops to put your customers in a festive mindset by creating seasonal collections and grouping and selling products for festive promotions and sales. Product Tagged Instagram Ads are another new tool that can help you drive discovery of your products.

Let yourself be inspired for the coming season with a few festive ideas for your shop and new product functions.

It’s a different type of festive season this year, but you can still develop a resilient merchandising strategy inspired by the success of the past seasons. Lean into the classics and add a bit more festive flair.

  • Proven: Create a collection that highlights top sellers and fan favorites.
  • Regifting Made Easy: Celebrate the art of regifting with a collection dedicated to the quirkiest merchandise.
  • Gift Guide by Price: Create curated gift collections to suit all budgets.
  • Gifts for Your Community: Address the niche interests of your community by creating fun, themed gift collections for animal lovers, curious collectors, sports fanatics, and others.

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