International winners for the 2020 Developer Circles Neighborhood Problem introduced

After the regional winners were announced in November, we were delighted to announce our global award winners for this year’s Community Challenge today in a live stream on our Facebook page.

We know that developers and developers in our ecosystem are always looking for the latest tips and tools to take their businesses, products and ideas to the next level.

That’s why we hired this year’s Challenge participants to nurture their innovation peers by creating tutorials on solutions and code that use Facebook products.

Given the tough year, we were delighted with the resilience and ingenuity of our global community in hosting virtual build days. These online events gave attendees the opportunity to come together, form teams and share ideas.

It is an honor to reward so many ambitious participants from around the world with cash prizes of over $ 133,000 and to expand their work to include millions of other innovators in our ecosystem.

Our global winners

Starting in November, we’ve invited our regional winners to update their tutorials and resubmit them to compete for the world’s highest prizes in the Challenge.

The jury’s feedback is there and we are happy to announce the following winners:

English tutorials for beginners

  • First Place – $ 10,000 USD + Oculus Headsets
  • Second place – $ 7,000 USD

English tutorials for intermediate / advanced learners

  • First Place – $ 10,000 USD + Oculus Headsets
  • Second place – $ 7,000 USD


Although we weren’t a prize winner this time, we wanted to highlight two more tutorials that have strong potential:

Congratulations to all of these groundbreaking teams – and thank you to everyone who participated!

We have a lot more opportunities to get #BuildwithFacebook off the ground in 2021. To be among the first to know about new hackathons, developer jams, and more, don’t forget to sign up for our Facebook for Developers newsletter.

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