Inside have a look at first sustainable McDonald‘s goes viral on TikTok

Another day, a new Macca store opening – except that this one went viral on TikTok for very unusual reasons.

The fast food chain will officially open its 1000th Australian store in the Melbourne suburb of Melton South. The new office will mark the milestone with a number of new functions.

In a TikTok video by @ nrrb.b that was viewed 230,000 times in just over 24 hours, the new Macca’s has gone green – literally with a wall of grass near the store entrance.

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The playground was made from recycled plastic and in addition to a recycling and garbage station, there is a special container in which customers can recycle old Macca toys.

The restaurant also has rainwater tanks and charging stations for electric cars in the parking lot.

The video has received hundreds of comments and many people are impressed with the Macca’s toy recycling bin.

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“How much do we need one of those old toy recycling things? Half of the boy’s toy would be gone, “wrote one person while another added,” What a cool idea “

“That’s great, but why can’t all Macca have it,” wrote another viewer.

But not everyone was impressed with the new Macca’s, saying that this was the “bare minimum” a large company could do for the environment.

“I’ve found a McDonald’s straw in almost every national park I’ve visited,” commented another person.

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“You have some work to do past water tanks.”

Diana Grosmann, National Director of Development at McDonald’s Australia, said in a statement that the new restaurant will play “a crucial role” in Macca’s “sustainability solutions”.

“The opening of our 1000th restaurant is a significant achievement for Macca’s and we pride ourselves on continuing to find new and innovative ways to make a positive difference for the communities in which we serve,” she said.

Thanks to its solar panels, the restaurant is run on 100 percent renewable energy and has paper straws, wooden cutlery and ice cream cups made of paper instead of plastic.

McDonald’s Australia is in the process of phasing out all plastic cutlery and straws nationwide, which will result in 860 tons less plastic.

“For more than a decade, Macca’s has actively taken and implemented initiatives to reduce plastic consumption as part of its packaging requirements,” a spokesman told

“These changes alone have removed nearly 250 tons of plastic from McDonald’s Australia restaurants, and 85 percent of Macca’s packaging is fiber-based by weight.”

McDonald’s also purchases Australian products and products valued at over $ 1 billion annually.

“As a prime buyer of beef, McDonald’s recognizes the need to support the industry in their sustainability efforts. We work closely with relevant industry stakeholders and our suppliers to ensure that they operate responsibly and in the best interests of the communities in which they operate are active. ” said the speaker.

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