How You Can Get in on the Social Media Pattern

If you’ve ever needed free entertainment, flicking through the filters on Snapchat or TikTok will certainly make time go by a little faster. The filters have even been improved to the point that you can add a fun filter to your dog or cat. Fans of the Snapchat balding filter have asked how the same effect can be achieved on TikTok.

Here’s how to use the Bald Filter on TikTok.

Getting the balding filter on TikTok is a little tricky – but luckily we have some insight. Some TikTok users have gotten smart and are posting videos using the bare filter they just imported from Snapchat. While some users think that TikTok has the same effect available, right now it seems that the best way to take advantage of it is by grabbing your Snapchat.

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Start recording your video using the filter on Snapchat. Next, download the video, then upload it to Instagram or TikTok. There is currently no way to use the Bald Filter directly on Instagram or TikTok – but due to its popularity, it could be available soon! If you don’t have a Snapchat account yet, you will need to create one to access the Bald Filter.

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It should be noted that the bald filter is not immediately available. To avoid endless scrolling through the filters, you can simply search the Baldness filter instead. With that you should be exactly where you need it. Then you can simply record your video, save it to your camera or gallery and upload it to TikTok again.

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The bald filter has brought new life to TikTok as a painting trend.

Lots of people take advantage of their bald filters features for old-fashioned fun, using the deeply fake images to upset family or friends. One user laughs and captions her video: “I just had to see what [my husband] would look like a bald filter, “for a slightly upset spouse. There were a variety of bald spouses in the hashtag that sometimes just contain #baldeffect and sometimes exist as #baldeffectchallenge.

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Many younger people on Twitter admitted trying to prank parents on the idea that they or a sibling had shaved their heads, with slightly disastrous results.

One user says, “So I’m running around the house putting the bare filter on everyone in sight and just yelling pls. I really convinced my mom my brother shaved his head,” along with a couple of crying emojis. Another complains that her mom took the look a little too well and posted it on Instagram.

It sounds like the bald filter is harmless fun, and we can only hope in the future that platforms like TikTok and Instagram get a little more user-friendly by making a version for yourself and the multi-step process to get it , eliminate. Right now, a little tech hack didn’t hurt anyone – and now you can enjoy the filter in more than one place!

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