How the Instagram Algorithm works in 2021 (with submit concepts)

You could say:

“Ok, I do all the things: I call for action, I ask questions, I post consistently, I post quotes and I don’t grow or get comments, save or share”.

Let’s be real

It may take a while.

We are there for the long term. We’re looking for a sustainable, real way to expand our Instagram.

So I’ll say it in a moment:

Growth can take time

And let’s be okay with that.

It can take time creating your content, testing different content ideas, getting consistently engaged, figuring out what your audience likes or needs help promoting the people who are already following you, until Instagram notices your persistence and understands what your content is about and who to show it more to.

But once they do: you are well on your way to building an amazing community on your account.

So go ahead. Even if it looks like people aren’t answering your questions. They are. People read your captions. You may not be replying in the comments section yet. But you start a dialogue with them in your head. This is a critical first step.

How long does it take to grow?

It all depends on how consistent you are, what content you have and how committed you are to your vision.

It can take a month.

It can take 6 months.

It can take a year.

We’ve seen new business owners post high quality content consistently for 6 months (and sometimes longer) until they gain traction. And now that they have traction, their business is thriving.

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