How showcasing their sustainable ethos helped this inexperienced model drive gross sales

Vivolife was founded in 2014 and is based in Glastonbury, England. The company makes 100% herbal health and fitness supplements without the use of artificial colors, flavors, fillers or binders.

The brand is focused on creating a product that is sustainable at every stage – from production to delivery. Their products are made in the UK using organic ingredients and sent to customers via a climate neutral delivery service.

They are also currently in the process of creating fully compostable packaging for all products. For every order on their website, they promise to plant a tree to fight deforestation and climate change.

A lasting message

Previously, Vivolife’s Facebook campaigns focused on highlighting the product range and selection of high quality ingredients.

They decided to test whether discussing their sustainable credentials would detract from customers’ intent to purchase Vivolife products.

In collaboration with Facebook’s Creative Shop and production house Coffee and TV, Vivolife developed a series of vertical video ads that deal with three different aspects of the brand’s sustainability mission: ethos, product and planet. They also created an ad that resembles Vivolife’s existing motif and focuses on product quality to test.

The “Ethos” aspect emphasized the climate-neutral supply chain and the compostable packaging of the products.

The creatives from “Product” showed the use of plant-based ingredients, while the “Planet” advertisements highlighted Vivolife’s tree-planting initiative.

By dividing its sustainable mission into these different areas, Vivolife was able to show potential customers across the UK how diversely it implements its green values ​​across the company.

Each ad included a “Shop Now” button that customers could use to click on the appropriate product pages on the Vivolife website.

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