How Our Give attention to Privateness Impacts Builders

Today we’re sharing some of the changes we’ve made to our privacy program over the past year and examples of the new ways we’re making sure we’re protecting people’s privacy. At Facebook, we are committed to creating a safer, more sustainable platform to build people’s trust and further increase long-term value for our developers. Put simply, protecting the privacy of those who use our products is a responsibility that we share with all developers on our platform.

We made changes to put privacy at the heart of everything we do. The new platform terms and conditions and developer guidelines are a starting point to ensure that companies and developers clearly understand their responsibility to protect data and the privacy of people when using our platform and tools.

We also continued to refine and streamline our app review process to ensure consistency for all developers. This includes changes to help developers create business solutions and tools, as well as added control over the data permissions they request and the ability to remove them when they are no longer needed.

Finally, we introduced Data Use Checkup, a new annual workflow to increase accountability for all Facebook platform developers. When reviewing data usage, developers must review the permissions they have access to and commit that their API access and data usage comply with the Facebook platform’s Terms of Use and Developer Policy in order to maintain their API access.

Not only do we simplify and clarify the responsibilities of developers, we also take proactive action against companies and individuals who abuse our platform. Earlier this month we filed a lawsuit against two companies that used scraping to conduct an international data collection operation, and a few weeks ago we took legal action against two companies that run fake engagement services.

These enhancements are designed to help create a better privacy foundation for developers. We encourage all developers to gain experience with a data protection-first approach based on principles such as data minimization.

As a reminder, developers will need to complete the data usage review within the next few months in order to maintain API access. If you haven’t gone through the data usage review, you’ll receive a developer notification that will trigger an email to your app’s administrators and a notification on your app dashboard asking you to complete the process.

To prepare for the process, make sure you have updated the contact information and app administrator label for each app in your organization. You can also find more information in the new Platform Initiatives Hub.

We know that user privacy is as important to our developer community as it is to us. Thank you for continuing to work with us to build a safer, more sustainable platform.

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