Home helper movies herself bathing aged man on TikTok, attracts outrage on-line

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Singapore – A TikTok video of a housekeeper filming herself giving a bath to an older man has sparked backlash in the online community.

On Saturday (January 2nd), Facebook user Amex Chew visited the FDWs & Employers Support Group website in Singapore to raise awareness among members about proper online etiquette and social media content.

Mr. Chew received a video of a housekeeper filming herself while she was helping an elderly man bathe. The video was uploaded to TikTok, a popular social media platform and place to go for short clips.

The woman glanced at the camera, which had apparently been set up by her beforehand. The video shared by Mr. Chew censored the older man’s face; However, a Mothership.sg report found that the original TikTok video clearly showed the man’s face.

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In his post, Mr. Chew stated that he was sharing the video on behalf of another member. “What’s wrong with your brain?” he asked. “Members, please don’t do the things that I’ve been trying to do all along,” added Chew. “This is a very wrong attitude,” added the contributor.

With over 380 comments so far, members of the online community have abused the woman for her behavior. Netizens called their actions “disgusting, disrespectful, mindless, and insane,” all because they wanted to go viral.

“I never focused on her job. What if an accident happened? Shameless and so irresponsible, ”said Facebook user Ana Enileugam.

Many have made it their business to share the video on the employer’s support page in the hopes that the right people will see the footage. “This is very, very humiliating for the old man and that is not at all acceptable,” said Facebook user Marla Rai.

In a comment on Sunday evening (January 3), Mr Chew informed the public that the older man’s son had seen the post in the report mutterschaft.sg and determined that the video was about his father. “He asked me for the original video so he could consider taking action against the helper and deleting the post,” said Chew.

“Let this post or incident remind members and warn them not to commit such acts in order to expose your wards,” Chew said. “If your employer reports you to the police or to the MOM (Ministry of Labor), you’d better be ready to pack your bags and catch the next available flight home.”

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