Here is Methods to Cover the Pesky Chat Characteristic Whereas on TikTok Dwell

The sheer power that TikTok has in social media these days is undeniable. The short video sharing app has garnered hundreds of millions of users worldwide (689 million in January 2021 to be precise) and has influenced access to content on virtually every other social media app since it became popular.

Although TikTok has influenced many other major social media apps in different ways, it has also influenced its older cohorts. In particular, TikTok introduced the ability for content creators to stream themselves live within the app. This of course resulted in some amazing content that fans loved, but some aspects of the app’s live layout leave a lot to be desired.

Fortunately, if you want to remove the stream of comments under your live video, there is a solution. Read on to learn the steps required to hide the comments under a TikTok Live video.

How to hide the chat function of TikTok Live step by step.

In some live videos, creators want fans to be able to comment and interact with their audience. But if that’s not you, then it’s understandable! Sometimes you just want to share your live stream without the mind of other users constantly scrolling the screen.

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Fortunately, TikTok has built in a few settings that you can use to toggle this feature on and off. The first thing you need to do is log into your TikTok account. On the main screen, tap the “plus” icon that appears on the main toolbar.

Next, the in-app camera tool will open. From there, navigate to the Live tab that appears in the bottom menu and tap on it. Once the live menu appears, tap on “Settings” which should be visible on the right side of the screen. A slider will appear and once you turn it off, the ability for other users to comment at all during your live streams will be disabled.

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Also, don’t worry if you ever want to change that again! It’s not a permanent change, and you can easily turn commentary on live video back on by following exactly the same steps and moving the slider back to its original position.

This new feature allows for much greater depth and specificity in terms of live stream control on TikTok when compared to its competitors, proving once again why the Phenom video sharing app is at the forefront of the social media game stands.

As for the comments that appear at the bottom and to the side of regular TikTok videos that you can view in the main feed, there doesn’t seem to be a way to turn them off just yet. However, as future updates are released for the app, stay tuned for more information on this functionality.

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