Google Exams Including TikTok And Instagram Movies To Search Outcomes On Cellular

Google is testing a new feature that will bring TikTok and Instagram videos to a carousel at the top of the Google mobile app.

Google is looking for ways to keep users in their app after searching instead of leaving content elsewhere and displaying it. The latest idea? A new feature for showing Instagram and TikTok videos when searching – in their own carousel – at the top of the Google app.

The feature is currently only being tested on mobile devices and is an extension of an earlier test from earlier this year – a carousel of short videos in Google Discover. The carousel is located in the Google Mobile app on Android – on the left of the home screen.

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“Short Videos” are not Google Stories – a feature that was introduced two months ago in the Google Search app for iOS and Android. Google Stories – formerly known as “AMP Stories” – is short-form video content created by a number of publishing partners including Bustle, Thrillist, Forbes, USA Today, Vice, Now This, and several others.

Instead, the “short videos” seem to be about aggregating short social media videos from other platforms like Tangi, Trell, YouTube – and now Instagram and TikTok.

The ingestion of Instagram and TikTok content was spotted earlier this week by Brian Free Life, who tweeted about it.

Google noticed this morning that Google added Instagram and TikTok videos to this “short video” carousel.

– Brian Free Life (@type_SEO) December 27, 2020

Tapping an Instagram video or a TikTok video takes users to the web version of the platform rather than the native app, whether or not it’s installed on their device.

This makes it incredibly easy to find and consume content from both platforms without ever opening their app.

Google has made it clear that the feature is in a limited testing phase. Therefore, it will only show up for some searches for now.

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