Get Extra Twitter Engagement With These 10 Terrific Tweet Writing Ideas

Getting more Twitter engagement is a powerful way to increase your influence online.

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the leading social media forces.

Whenever something remarkable happens in the world, you can be sure that someone will tweet about it within minutes.

Trend hashtags help create and enable this amazingly diverse platform of freedom of speech.

Individuals and companies from around the world flock to Twitter to connect with their readers and followers.

The question many aspiring Twitter experts are asking is, How do I get more Twitter engagement?

With a 140 character limit, it can sometimes be difficult to distill everything you want to say.

To help you maximize your Twitter Engagement Rates, here are 10 great tips for writing tweets that will help you get more Twitter engagement.

1. Keep your tweets short and sweet

For some people, 140 characters seems relatively depressing.

Brevity is the soul of wit

Realistically, however, this is far more than you actually need.

When composing your Twitter posts, try to keep your posts under 110 characters.

This way, people who copy and paste your tweet can also provide your username. This will help you get more followers to you.

Statistically shorter posts get a 17% increase in engagement rates and you leave users room to add their own retweet comments, which in turn improves engagement rate.

You can use tools like Easy Word Count to monitor the length of your tweets to keep them within that limit.

2. Post regularly

Up to 15% of Twitter users will proactively unfollow your page within a maximum of three weeks if you don’t keep them busy.

Tools like Manage Flitter also make it possible to keep a list of everyone you follow who haven’t tweeted in 30 days.

The longer your account is inactive, the greater the risk that people will stop following you and break away from you.

So stay active on Twitter and post daily.

It is estimated that 27% of all active Twitter accounts use this on a daily basis.

This equates to millions of users. That’s a lot of people who can potentially get into your posts.

3. Monitor and track the performance of your post

With the native Twitter Analytics tool, you can closely monitor the performance of your posts to see which are working well and which are not.

Twitter analysis

Matthew Sterling, Academized Social Media Manager, said, “Twitter Analytics is an effective way of keeping track of which of your posts are the most successful and have the highest engagement rates. These are the posts you want to focus on because you are getting it right. Take into account the format and style of these posts, the content itself, and the topic you were talking about. Because of the success of these posts, you’ll want to replicate these methods for your future posts. This is a surefire way to improve your overall engagement rates. “

There are many Twitter analytics tools out there, and you can read this post to discover 10 of them.

4. Connect with your followers

There is no better way to connect any of your followers more to you than to act on their interactions with your posts.

If someone retweeted or commented on your posts, comment back and start a conversation.

Followers love to be recognized by someone they follow.

In addition, other users can see these interactions and are more likely to be in contact with you for the same reasons.

5. Be specific

Precise target bullseye blue

The accuracy of your tweets is important.

With only 140 characters to read, many users don’t have to skip reading. They will actually read your content.

This means that mistakes, including typos, are very easy to spot and will damage the credibility of your posts and your account.

6. Hashtags

Hashtags are the bloodlines of Twitter.

There is a lot of information about hashtags and everyone knows the importance of using them.

This is what pulls it all together and helps users find information and posts about what they want to know.

You can effectively use hashtags to give identity to your tweets by specifying the exact users you want to read on your posts.

This is a very simple, yet effective way to increase your post’s engagement rates.

The more people read your posts, the higher the number of engaging users.

To use hashtags to your advantage, you can use Twitter tools like Hashtagify.

This tool allows you to search through relevant hashtags for your posts and then see the best related hashtags to use in your posts.

7. Tweet at the best of times

Best time to tweet

What a lot of Twitter users don’t realize is that posting at the right time of day can massively affect the engagement rates of your posts.

Posts on Twitter have a relatively short lifespan in a user’s feed before getting lost in everything else.

This means that posting at the right, most active time of the day ensures that users see your posts.

Statistically, a time between Monday and Friday between 12:00 and 3:00 is one of the best times.

Ultimately, the best time for you to post depends on where your followers are from and in what time zones.

This is one of the reasons the Tweepsmap tool is so great because it analyzes your followers and generates the best times to tweet based on your unique network.

8. Post on the weekends

Similar to the above, posting on the weekends is also an important time to post if you want to increase your engagement.

According to statistics, tweets posted over the weekend are 17% more likely to get engagement than a post in a week.

This is because the majority of people are unemployed and are more likely to spend more time on the website. There are no days off when you want to be successful!

9. Add links!

Link logo blue

Data shows that Tweets that contain links receive an increased engagement rate of up to a staggering 86%!

This is a tremendous amount of commitment that you will be missing out if you don’t add links.

This can be linked to content, your website, or anything you’d like, as long as it’s relevant and as engaging as your post.

When you link to an article, users read the article before being redirected back to Twitter.

If they like the article, tweet the post again and like, comment, and share it.

10. Great content

At the heart of all of our discussions is providing engaging and compelling content to your readers to increase your engagement rates.

Even if you follow all of the above and implement all of the techniques in the book, poor quality content that is boring and irrelevant will turn users away from you.

Researching and writing content is a difficult task and can take years of practice.

To stay one step ahead of the game, you can use online tools like Buzzsumo. You can use this tool to find some keywords related to your industry and subject area.

For example, if you run a photo site, a search for keywords like camera or even photography will bring up relevant articles and give you detailed information on the popularity of those posts.

You can then use these statistics to find the most popular posts to base your content on.

It’s about figuring out what content works in terms of style, format, tone, and topic, and then applying that winning tactic to your posts.


Always remember to make your posts as original and fun as possible.

Stay positive, finding the right engagement is important.

Whenever you write, make sure that the reader benefits from reading it.

With all of these tips and tricks on, you’ll see your engagement rates thrive on your tactful tweets!

Editor’s note

For those who want even more tips on how to tweet tactfully, here are 35 ways to get more re-tweets.

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