From near-death collision to TikTok celeb: Brianna Seewald shares her story

A nurse who was killed in a collision with two vehicles near Ste. Anne insists that laughter is the best medicine, and it seems that at least 200,000 other people agree.

Brianna Seewald, who lives in Mitchell, was driving along Highway 12 on August 17 last year when she suddenly boned a vehicle trying to cross 210 Provincial Road. That was the incident that completely changed her life. Instead of going back to caring for others to help, Seewald has spent the last few months in bed, first letting doctors help him in the hospital and then family and friends at her home. In dealing with the broken neck, broken ribs, and partial paralysis resulting from the crash, Seewald’s persistent humor and positive attitude was contagious to those who attended to their needs as well as thousands and thousands of other people on the the whole world. After their collision, Seewald has become a TikTok celebrity.

TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to post and view content in the form of short videos that are 15 to 60 seconds long. Seewald, who used the service to document her recovery, says she accidentally came across her newfound fame.

“I was on TikTok before my accident and had maybe 100 followers,” she describes. “Then early on I posted a story about my collision that started from there. When I got home and started documenting what my recovery was like, so many people were invested that I could never have imagined. I woke up one morning and had 100,000 followers. “

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Seewald currently has more than 188,000 followers and over 3.2 million likes.

“And it just grows,” she adds. “Every day I wake up to hundreds of messages from people around the world who have fallen in love with my story, are here to recover, and can’t wait to hear more. With nearly 200,000 followers, I’ve received nearly 200,000 messages of support, love, and kindness. “

Seewald says the sheer volume of people who took care of their daily lives didn’t fully meet them until companies started offering sponsorships. “It’s crazy!” she calls out. She attributes her sudden mass to her inherently funny bone, which apparently wasn’t injured in the crash.

While their video stories honestly describe the challenging nature of their situation, they also outline the comedy. In a video, Seewald shows how to wash your hair with a titanium ruff. In another case, her entire headdress is decorated with tinsel and Christmas decorations.

Seewald holding part of her neck brace while sitting in a wheelchairSeewald holds part of her ruff. (Delivered)

She believes that her humor attracts people and that she is fascinated by her authenticity. “I feel like I’ve created a space where it’s okay to talk about the mental illness that comes with such accidents. A space where it’s okay to heal publicly, and it’s okay having bad days and it’s okay to have good days and celebrate those moments, ”she offers. “I’m more than ready to share my story with others and tell them what I was able to do and how I got through.”

A significant number of Seewald’s supporters are people who have been seriously injured, even in devastating accidents. Her sunny outlook on life has been an encouragement and inspiration to those who have coped with the loss of maneuverability and pain.

“They told me early on that the fact that I survived with the injuries I had suffered and that I was as functional as I was was a miracle. How else do you live after knowing you are a miracle? “

Seewald had one of her scariest moments of fame earlier this week. On Monday, she removed her neck support for the first time since the incident. Seewald says it was surreal to celebrate this milestone with thousands of digital cheerleaders.

“100,000 people had been waiting for this halo to come off! I think social media can be a very dark place at times, but it can be so uplifting at times. “

Through all of her jokes, stories and advice, the message of the young woman stays the same … “You can be your own light in a terrible situation,” emphasizes Seewald, who is living proof that this is possible.

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