four Methods to Drive Product Gross sales from TikTok

Social trade is growing. Facebook tools include shops, checkouts, commerce managers, and live shopping. Instagram has these options and more.

TikTok is the newest craze. Posting engaging videos on this platform can drive traffic to a website. But can it also generate customers?

In this post, I’m going to offer four ideas for increasing TikTok sales.

TikTok sales increase

Include your shop link in the bio. Adding a URL to your TikTok profile is an easy way to make your website easier for viewers to find. Traders, influencers, bloggers, and news outlets do this. In the following example, TikTok user Sophie Liard links to her e-commerce shop and uses the link to indicate what the audience can find there – “drawer dividers”.

Sophie Liard’s TikTok bio links to her ecommerce website point out what the audience can find there above the link – “drawer partitions”.

It is important that not all TikTok profiles have access to the link function. To verify your account, look for the “Website” option after clicking “Edit” on your profile.

Screenshot from TikTok

Not all TikTok profiles have access to the link function. To verify your account, look for the “Website” option after clicking “Edit” on your profile. Image: Later app.

Linking to any page on your ecommerce website is beneficial. However, try to align this page with the videos in your TikTok grid. Third party tools can help.

For example, Garage Clothing, a retailer of clothing for women, uses a service from Dash Hudson, a provider of visual marketing software.

As shown below, Garage Clothing’s TikTok profile (left) links to a Dash Hudson page (center) that corresponds to the videos on the profile. Users can click any image on the Dash Hudson page to go directly to the garment on the Garage Clothing website (right). The process enables viewers to compare the contents of a profile with the product page of a retailer and thus optimize the purchase decision.

Screenshot of three pages: TikTok profile, a Dash Hudson page and a Garage Clothing product page

Garage Clothing’s TikTok profile (left) links to a page from Dash Hudson (center) that links to each garment (right). Image: Dash Hudson.

Connect Tik Tok to a Shopify store. Shopify’s partnership with TikTok is likely the first of many integrations with ecommerce platforms. Merchants can connect their TikTok for Business account to Shopify to generate shoppable in-feed posts from videos.

Advertise. TikTok offers limited advertising opportunities. Sign in to your TikTok for Business account and wait for TikTok to confirm. Once approved, you can choose from the following options:

  • In-feed ads. Native videos that appear in the user’s feed.
  • Pre-roll ads. Videos that start when a user opens the app.
  • Sponsored hashtag challenges. Videos that ask users to submit clips with a custom hashtag. This is best for brand awareness.

Advertising on TikTok is expected to improve. In-feed ads are the best place to start and are the most prevalent right now.

Work with an influencer. Consider partnering with TikTok personalities to create sponsored videos. Influencer marketing isn’t new, but it’s likely effective for TikTok as many developers have gained huge followers.


Think about the customer journey. TikTok is a smartphone app. Make sure your website is cell-friendly so that users can easily switch from the app to your ecommerce store. And avoid disruptions such as inserting ads, modalities and other promotions.

Depending on your account and your country, TikTok has a lot of exciting options. Regardless, the TikTok trade is still in its infancy and is sure to grow.

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