Former retail workers share firm secrets and techniques on TikTok

Former employees of large companies use TikTok to divulge some company secrets.

According to BuzzFeed, it started with user @annaxjames who used to work at Hollister. She said the retailer divides workers into two groups: people who work in the front of the store and people who work in the back.

She said the frontline workers were attractive people who were referred to as “models” and were rated on a scale of 1 to 10 during her interviews.

She then invited others to share secrets that only former company employees would know.

A former McDonald’s employee said the company’s straws are larger than regular straws. He claimed the idea was to get customers to believe that McDonald’s soda tasted better because the larger straws put more carbon dioxide on your tongue.

A woman who used to work at Target shared a money-saving hack. She stated that the target price is equal to all competitors including Walmart and Amazon.

She said all you have to do is go to guest service, show them the competitor’s price, and Target will change the price for you.

The BuzzFeed article also mentioned a former Kohl employee. She said employees have been trained to follow a “Yes You Can” policy.

This means that if a customer is fighting for a discount of less than 50 percent, the employees should just give it to them.

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