Elton John and his household create hilarious #StepIntoChristmas TikTok video

Check out the video that the legendary singer shared with his family.

December 11, 2020, 3:51 p.m.

4 min read

Elton John’s seasonal classic “Step Into Christmas” was used as the soundtrack to a series of festive videos on TikTok social media platform showing fans preparing for the holidays.

Now the legendary singer and his family have released their own take on the #StepIntoChristmas challenge.

But many others came on stage – including dogs.

John’s own video is titled, “We loved all of your amazing #StepIntoChristmas videos that we made our own!”

In the clip we see John’s two young sons, Zachary and Elijah, who sneak into a room with a large wreath on the door. They appear as Christmas elves wearing crazy glasses inspired by their rock star dad.

Next, the “Rocket Man” singer’s husband, David Furnish, sneaks in the door and comes out in a costume that makes him look like an elf being stopped by Santa Claus.

Finally, John walks in the door and emerges as Santa Claus ringing a bell. Then all four dance their way out of the frame.

“Step Into Christmas” was released as a standalone Elton John single in 1973 and originally peaked at number 24 in the UK. Last year it reached number 8 in the same table.

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