Easy methods to Unfollow Silent Accounts on Twitter

With the constant influx of content on Twitter, you want to be sure that the list of people you follow will benefit your brand. To build relationships with customers and other brands, you need to be connected to engaged users. Before deciding who to stay on your follow list, decide what value each account will bring you:

  • Identify what you want from each relationship – what value does this user bring to your brand?
  • You know the risks of a relationship – are you burning a bridge?
  • Determining If the Relationship Provides Real Connection – Is This Just One Way Conversation?

Finding silent twitter users to pick up

Use Sprout Social to gauge how loud your Twitter followers are. To determine how your followers engage with Sprout on Twitter:

  1. Navigate to Account and Settings> Settings.
  2. click Twitter follower tools under resources.
  3. click to clean up in the left navigation area.
  4. Select from:
    • Silent accounts – Users who have little or no activity on Twitter.
    • Irregular use – Users with unusual usage patterns or unusual number of friends.
    • Don’t follow back – Users who you follow but who don’t follow you.

Decide who not to be followed

Don’t make hasty decisions when deciding who to leave and who to stay. Use Sprout to look a little deeper and get a feel for the user’s activity. Remember, users who you haven’t built close relationships with are best cut off first.

Past tweets

Look at each user’s previous tweets to see if the connection offers value. Do they rarely tweet but share valuable content when they tweet? This connection can actually be worth keeping. Do you follow someone who writes a lot but offers little value? Consider crossing them off your list.

To get an impression of a user’s past tweets, click on their user picture to open their history.


Determine if each user has influence. When you open the user history, you get a glimpse of a user’s Twitter profile on the right. See the number of followers. If it’s high you may want to keep that connection.


Did you talk to this user? Look at your relationship with the user to see if there have been any active two-way conversations. When you open User History, click Direct Messages.

User does not follow

Once you have determined which users you want to trim, navigate back to the tab where you want to do your cleanup from. Select from Silent accounts, Irregular use or Don’t follow back.

Hide the user to remove their profile from the list. This will not hide the user on Twitter or in your Smart Inbox.

It’s up to you to decide which users are an integral part of your social strategy, but Sprout makes it easy with Twitter Follower Tools. With such tools and the rest of the social suite Sprout has to offer, start strategic moves by signing up for a free 30-day trial.

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