Did Tanner Fox again out? Ryland Storms’ TikTok vs YouTube struggle cancelled

TikTok vs. YouTube fight fans had been waiting for the match between Tanner Fox and Ryland Storms and were upset when they learned it was canceled. But did Tanner withdraw from the fight?

Since December 2020, fans have been eagerly waiting for their favorite content creators to compete against each other. On June 12th, 2021 the time had finally come. Unfortunately, fans found out that the match between Tanner and Ryland had been canceled. Here you can see what went wrong.

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WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THIS: Tanner Fox’s undercard fight against TikToker Ryland Storms in the boxing event “YouTube vs TikTok” is officially canceled due to a weight difference. Tanner says the commission would not allow this to happen, even though he was ready to sign a waiver and fight. pic.twitter.com/5KhMAx8KAa

– Def Noodles (@defnoodles) June 12, 2021

Did Tanner Fox withdraw from the fight?

No, Tanner did not withdraw from the fight. The fight between him and Ryland was stopped because of the weight difference. Tanner broke his silence after getting a lot of hatred from people for calling off the fight.

Tanner explained that it was easy to get in while Ryland was hard to get in. The couple had a weight difference of 20 pounds. Speaking to his fans on social media, Tanner revealed that the commission was only £ 9 difference.

Although there was a huge difference in weight between the two, Tanner tried to bring the fight off. However, the commission ruled out any possibility for him to argue with Ryland.

Will Ryland Storms fight during the event?

Ryland won’t fight during the event. He had opened up about it on social media. Ryland admitted he wanted to fight, but wasn’t sure why Tanner had given in.

After that, Tanner broke his silence and called Ryland for revealing one-sided details. At the same time, he explained to his fans that things were out of his control and that there was no way for him to take part in the fight.

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Who is taking part in the YouTube VS TikTok battle?

While Tanner and Ryland won’t have an argument, there are other content creators who are still around. Here’s a look at who they are:

  • Austin McBroom versus Bryce Hall
  • AnEsonGib vs. Tayler Holder
  • Deji vs. Vinnie Hacker
  • DDG versus Nate Wyatt
  • Faze Jarvis versus Michael Le
  • Landon McBroom versus Ben Azelart
  • Ryan Johnston versus Cale Saurage

With so many creators coming together, fans have been eagerly waiting to see who will win this biggest social media event.

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