Dad asks TikTok if he is incorrect for letting his child ‘stroll it off’ when she falls

A TikTok dad asks the internet if he’s wrong about letting his toddler “run away” after their fall – and how his video went viral! The video posted by the TikTok channel @babyfaceniko received millions of views, all of which answered Dad’s question, “Am I wrong?” In the video, dad and his baby are walking in the park when suddenly his daughter falls into the water. But instead of bending down to pick her up, the father calmly checks to see if she is okay and then lets her stand up. As he explains in the on-screen text and in his caption, he’s trying to grow a “tuff cookie” but he’s asked TikTokers to consider that philosophy. “No… that’s how you do it, Daddy. You have to learn by yourself, but when you are there it will be easier, ”wrote one user. “No. We do that too. If you freak out, so will they, ”replied another user. “We have to teach our girls and women from an early age to be strong, because life will not help them,” wrote another user. While you should always make sure your little ones are safe, teaching them to be strong and independent is also important. It’s all about balance!

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