Cooking hacks from TikTok this yr that really work

Instead of fiddling with the tabs of a creamer seal, @ carlyrose352 showed us how to poke a hole in the seal instead.

Coffee cream hack thumb

TikTok user @ carlyrose352 shows viewers where to push the cap into the seal.

carlyrose352 / TikTok

A helpful hack came from creamer lover @ carlyrose_352. She said using the little tab on the bottle’s seal can be frustrating. Instead of ripping it off completely, simply stamp a hole in it.

She told Insiders via Instagram that she was using the piece of plastic on the bottom of the bottle cap to poke a hole in the seal, resulting in a perfect pour.

Read more about the hack from @ carlyrose_352 here. At the time of writing, the video had 1.4 million views.

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