Connecting the world via startups

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to unearth the harsh truth of the digital divide, getting more people online to a faster internet is now more important than ever. Earlier this year, we announced our commitment to emerging startups that were pursuing similar goals in addressing internet connectivity challenges by introducing the Facebook Accelerator: Connectivity program. This 12-week virtual program will help startups scale their business through industry-focused training and workshops, access to experts, and potential strategic partners and investors. After months of sourcing and reviewing, we’re excited to announce the innovative startups selected to participate in our first connectivity cohort:

  • BandwidthX Inc.
    BandwidthX offers cloud services to enable existing mobile capacities in single operator networks and in several independent networks, to save costs and improve performance.
  • Bridgefy
    Bridgefy increases tech company engagement and revenue by making mobile apps accessible without an internet connection.
  • Cirrus360
    Toolchain with which telecommunication operators can build a disaggregated, secure, inexpensive and reliable open RAN infrastructure for HW / SW with several providers.
  • Clear blue technologies
    Clear Blue Technologies provides smart off-grid energy technology and energy-as-a-service for cost-effective electricity that can be installed anywhere, managed over the internet, and provides reliability and performance to enable global internet connectivity.
  • Liaison companies
    Connecting Company provides rural communities with an accessible, high quality Internet through a self-sustaining system.
  • Crunch Mediaworks
    Crunch captures distorted, low-resolution video with missing frames and converts it to smooth, high-resolution video as it plays.
  • Eino
    A decision platform for 5G capital planning.
  • Equal access Santa Cruz
    EASC’s goal is to bridge the digital divide and bring true high-speed broadband to every family in Santa Cruz County.
  • FreedomFi
    FreedomFi builds cost-efficient cellular networks with open source software and standard hardware.
  • Galgus
    Galgus’ mission is to unlock the full potential of Wi-Fi networks for optimization, management, analysis and security.
  • GenXComm, Inc.
    (Private) 5G / LTE: Enables reliable, interference-free 5G / LTE mesh networks for operators and companies
  • Metawave Corporation
    Metawave is driving radar detection in the automotive industry and improving coverage of 5G mm waves with its purely analog platforms.
  • NetExperience
    Software platform for controlling, managing and automating disaggregated Wi-Fi networks compatible with Telecom Infra Project Open Wi-Fi architecture,
  • Netwey
    Netwey is a telecommunications operator that is addressing the digital divide through a model that focuses on availability and affordability.
  • Plexus Controls Inc.
    Plexus Controls is a developer and manufacturer of wireless sensor systems, autonomous robot and drone platforms.
  • Plumeria Networks Inc.
    Plumeria Networks eliminates corporate WiFi costs by using software-defined wireless and intelligent algorithms in addition to commercializing the hardware to reduce customer costs.
  • Radio innovation
    Providing affordable mobile internet to eradicate digital illiteracy and helping mobile operators improve coverage, data rates, capacity and profitability, especially in emerging markets.
  • Robin
    Robin’s cloud-native infrastructure and automation solutions enable cellular operators to transform their networks to support the next generation of services, including 5G.
  • Tanaza
    Tanaza offers a flexible cloud-based platform to run Wi-Fi networks efficiently and to democratize connectivity.
  • Whitestack
    Whitestack offers operators around the world efficient connectivity and cloud infrastructure and uses open technologies.

The program officially starts on November 9th. From this point on, the startups meet with industry experts, network with one another and take part in a workshop in which they learn how to work together with Facebook Connectivity and how to get the most out of the program. The program ends with a demo day in February, on which these startups can present their previous work. At Facebook, we know how important it is to invest in the next generation of innovators and partners who will bring us closer to a connected world. We are so excited to see what impact startups will have on the program. Congratulations to all of our 2020 startups!

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