Chechnya: Policing and Threatening Younger TikTok Customers

Statements by Chechen chairman Magomed Daudov attacking content shared by young people on TikTok and other platforms inspire “police” accounts on social media; those designed to monitor and threaten online users who share the type of content previously criticized by Daudov.

Daudov, widely recognized as a leading conservative with a military background, called for an end to the “empty conversations” shared by youth online, saying that only “serious discussions” should be allowed in cyberspace.

Following his calls, an Instagram account called stop_live_095 launched calls to identify and target Chechen online users who were accused of “defaming the honor of the nation” in order to publicly urge them to remove their previous posts and post discontinue “not serious videos”. both on TikTok and BigoLive.

The account has also shared photos of four female social media users and posted calls to “keep up the work” to address “the culprits.” Welcoming comments from users following the account have also urged authorities to urge “beauty salons against injections and other procedures that have become more popular due to social media apps.”

A 9-year-old boy died in Tijuana last week after attempting the so-called “blackout challenge” that made the rounds on the TikTok social media app. Https://

– WSPA 7NEWS (@ WSPA7) October 28, 2021

Meanwhile, a new TikTok challenge known in the past few weeks as the “Blackout Challenge” resulted in the death of a 9-year-old boy in Tijuana, Mexico last week after hanging dead on a tree was found trying to film the challenge.

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