Chapman College college students shock professor, Dr. Brown, over Zoom in TikTok video

ORANGE, Calif. (KABC) – In a heartwarming Zoom surprise, students at Chapman University thanked their professor for making such a meaningful impact on their lives.

During their final class of the semester, the students wrote “thank you notes” to Dr. James Brown, the professor of her first foundation course.

At first the students had turned off their cameras, which confused their professor.

“I don’t see anyone with their cameras on. Is that the new cool thing not to turn on your camera? Seriously, is it my fault you turned off your cameras?” asked Dr. Brown.

Then one student announced that the class had a surprise for him and revealed their individual messages on the screen.

“Oh guys, you make me cry,” said Dr. Brown after his students turned on their cameras. “I read everyone.”

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Dr. Brown and his wife have been with Chapman University for over 25 years. His students say that despite the many difficult spots in online learning, they wanted to thank him for still managing to make such a huge impact on them.

In a statement to Eyewitness News, Dr. Brown, he only did his job to teach his students the best he knew:

“Of course, it has been a challenging semester for both students and faculty members, including learning new systems for delivering instruction, on top of all the stresses and strains of life in America in 2020, especially COVID and the presidential election …” , wish I could say I’ve found a special, original, or otherwise unique approach to addressing these challenges that could be applicable to many situations. But what I did was exactly what I do every semester. I chose what I thought was relevant curriculum and tried to present it in an interesting and engaging way. “

Since it was posted on TikTok, the video has received over 23 million views.

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