Bride-to-be surprised by TikTok’s response to her bachelorette occasion: ‘That is insane’

One bride decided to ask TikTok to buy her drinks at her bachelorette party and it surprisingly paid off.

Alyssa Harris sells DIY wedding items on Etsy. When it was time for her own bachelorette party, she knew she had to get creative.

She posted a video of her friend Ashleigh Head writing a message on the back of her van.

“Last escape from the ring. Buy the bride a drink, ”read the message. It also contained Harris’s Venmo handle.

The video has been viewed over 7.2 million times. Harris then published a follow-up TikTok with the total amount the bachelorette party had received.

“We’ll share our Venmo sum after our weekend and celebrate thanks to all of you! We thought we’d make a few hundred dollars at most, but you blew us away, ”the video title says. “You sent a total of $ 3,393.89. TikTok will always blow my mind with the generosity. “

Harris made over $ 3,000 on TikTok just asking for money. Lots of people in the comments were dying to try their method.

“Maybe now I have to write my Venmo on my window. $ 3,000 for teaching materials would be a dream, “commented one person.

“That’s crazy!” another wrote.

“So much fun. I was supposed to be doing this on my car, but to see if someone would meet a tired mother’s coffee needs,” said one user.

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