Brian Kelly’s daughter’s TikTok submit goes viral after LSU transfer

Anyone watching college football by now knows that Brian Kelly decided earlier this week to leave Notre Dame to become the next head coach at LSU. What may not everyone know is that Grace, one of Kelly’s children, is a senior at Notre Dame with five months to graduate.

This, of course, created an interesting situation. Grace had a bit of fun with the whole idea on TikTok this week and posted a video of her situation that went super viral.

In the video, Kelly is quietly typing on her computer with a text that reads: “If you still have to graduate from Notre Dame in five months, but your father has already gone to LSU.”

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Brian Kelly’s daughter’s TikTok post goes viral after joining LSU

By Matt Lombardi

From AP News

From AP News

She later added Ready to be booed on the way to class every morning.That part is cut off in the video posted below by Sports Illustrated. You can view the original TikTok here.

Notre Dame is back in the college football playoff hunt after Baylor defeated Oklahoma. The Fighting Irish likely need one more result to find themselves one of the four teams selected on Sunday. If so, new head coach Marcus Freeman will coach his first game as a national semifinal.

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