Alicia Silverstone Joins TikTok With ‘Clueless’ Homage

Oh my god, we are totally annoying! Alicia Silverstone made her TikTok debut with the perfect homage to Clueless – and a little help from her son.

The Baby-Sitters Club star, 44, posted her first video on the social media app on Friday June 4th. Over a soundtrack from No Doubt’s “Just a Girl” and an audio clip from the film, Silverstone walked forward in a yellow plaid jacket that recalls the iconic look of her character Cher.


Pooh! As if … I wouldn’t join TikTok. 😉💛😘 #knowledg #AsIf

♬ Ugh … As if – Alicia Silverstone

“Ugh! As if … I wouldn’t take part in TikTok,” she headed the post and added: “😉💛😘 #Clueless #AsIf.” Her 10-year-old son Bear also made a cameo and put his arm around his Mother, while she mimicked the line: “Ew, get off me!” After an obligatory “as if” lip-sync, the two made up for each other with a sweet hug.

Commentators were instantly crazy about the video, writing things like, “I wasn’t ready for this.” Another viewer added, “My life is complete now,” while someone else asked if her former co-star was Paul Rudd could make an appearance.

“Before Clueless, I had no interest in or understanding of fashion,” said the California native Vogue in an interview in 2020 about the 64 costumes she wore in the film. “The clothes are the star of the film – or at least the co-star!”

Stacey Dash and Alicia Silverstone in “Clueless”. Paramount / Kobal / Shutterstock

Aside from giving fans tons of quotable lines, the 1995 comedy was also known for its many memorable fashion moments, including the yellow skirt suit that Silverstone said almost didn’t make it into the movie.

“There were three options for this opening scene: a blue, a red, and a yellow,” she recalls. “[Director] Amy [Heckerling] and [costume designer] Mona [May] chose the yellow one because they thought it was best for the scene. “

Alicia Silverstone joins TikTok with

Alicia Silverstone with son Bear. Courtesy Alicia Silverstone / TikTok (2)

You were right, because the outfit has become an enduring Halloween costume favorite and the first thing fans see when they think of Cher Horowitz.

During an interview on the film’s 25th anniversary last year, Silverstone said she doesn’t think there’s a restart or a sequel in sight. However, your son has other ideas.

“One night we were in bed and he was writing Clueless Part 2 and What / Where Cher would be,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “It was amazing what he was thinking. She was an alcoholic, but he didn’t say those words. He said, ‘She drinks a lot and maybe is a makeup artist? Like a professional makeup artist. ‘”

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