Alexander Wang Has Been Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By means of TikTok

TW: There are stories of sexual assault in this article.

Many people on the internet are now making allegations about esteemed fashion designers Alexander Wang‘s predatory behavior after a TikTok user opened up about allegedly being fondled by him.

Owen Mooney (@owenamooney) opened TikTok about an encounter he had at one Cupcakke Concert where he was allegedly groped by a famous fashion designer. At this point, Mooney did not reveal her identity. However, after determining that the incident was not a stand-alone case, he named its alleged perpetrator Alexander Wang.


#stitch with @katiefornia oh yeh the time a celebrity felt my cock in the club ???? #fyp #foryoupage

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Reply to @hannah_mantanna yep, Alexander Wang is a sexual predator, pass it on on #fyp #foryoupage

♬ Original sound – Owen Mooney

The story has been republished on a number of social media platforms, including Diet Prada and Shit Model Management (SMM).

This resulted in many other people coming up and sharing their own stories with SMM. Some of these stories include allegations of drugged molly water (MDMA), pressures until they turn black, and sexual assault.

“He puts drugs in drinks or pressures male models to participate in these sketchy things so he can get his way (especially by inviting them into his apartment),” one person wrote.

“Once after a show, he did the same trick on me with Molly Water. I didn’t know then, but I am bipolar and Molly sent me into a manic episode followed by psychosis, ”wrote another.

Azealia Banks, who once worked in a campaign by Alexander Wang, revealed allegations against the fashion designer in late 2019.

Image: Instagram / Diet Prada

By searching Twitter, Diet Prada discovered many more stories exposing Wang’s alleged behavior, some of which date back several years.

“Alexander Wang was exposed for groping and assaulting trans women, and apparently it was an open secret of the trans girls who model and work with him that no one said anything about,” one wrote on Twitter.

“Does anyone know who Alexander Wang is? He’s a famous fashion designer apparently and all I know is that he grabbed my dick on Saturday night, ”said another.

Image: Instagram / Diet Prada

According to SMM, the reason this behavior doesn’t come out often is because “the stories of male models are so often ignored in these conversations”.

Even with trans- and non-binary models, they are often silenced and ignored when it comes to sexual assault.

Image: Instagram / Diet Prada

The industry certainly has a lot to answer for.

Pedestrians do not suggest that Wang is guilty of the charges, only that they were made

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