ALDI grocery store shopper shares big RAT discover in new viral TikTok video

An ALDI buyer’s TikTok video with a giant rat in a local store has gone viral.

The 30 cm long rodent can be seen in the film as it climbs up a shelf at ALDI.

Check out the incredible rat shots above

The rat was spotted next to water bottles and appeared to be heading for boxes of soft drinks.

ALDI signs and price tags can also be seen in the background of the video.

The buyer using the TikTok handle @ caity.potaty has not disclosed which ALDI store she saw the rodent in.

The footage went viral on TikTok. Photo credit: Caity.Potaty / TikTok

The user titled the post “Oh hell no” and added that the rat was the “latest special from ALDI” in the video.

With over two million views, the footage has attracted thousands of reactions from TikTok users.

While many were shocked by the video, others were amused.

The ALDI rat video has more than two million views. The ALDI rat video has more than two million views. Photo credit: Caity.Potaty / TikTok

“He just buys in a panic, leave him alone,” said one.

Another added: “He goes for the toilet paper too?”

Another said: “He needs the Mission Impossible music.” is aware that ALDI customers are encouraged to contact the supermarket customer service team if they see something unusual in stores.

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