Actor & Tik Tok Star Julia Datt Helps Promote Physique Neutrality

With almost 90,000 followers Tick ​​tock and last month featured in a major UK publication, The Sun, Datt promotes body neutrality as well as sexual positivity, and encourages women to exist for who they are, with no pressures or expectations from society. She says, “The neutrality of the body tells you, ‘My existence is not about how desirable you find me.’ It releases you from your responsibility to go into the superficial gaze. ”

Since 2014, the Datt brand has been synonymous with refusal to adapt to diet culture. After living in five countries for the past 20 years and discovering a variety of cultural practices, Datt wanted to reproduce these results to help people connect in a safe space. Datt believes her honesty resonated with her followers and says creating this type of content was therapeutic.

Datt claims that “abuse of female sexuality is widespread” in our society, especially in the media. With a popular Tick ​​tock Series titled “Seventeen Ways to O” (a euphemism for female orgasm that describes little-known ways women can achieve it) Datt’s content includes chakra points, massage, yoga, sound healing, and other alternative therapies in their own Series. Her dating experience, feminism, and sex positive dating advice have helped women of all ages around the world at every stage of life.

“I want women to know if they scroll through social media and accidentally compare themselves to what they see on screen that it is not your responsibility to be beautiful or be a certain size for the world.

“Definitely get dressed for yourself, make up for yourself, have fun for yourself, but don’t think it’s mandatory to be accepted or loved … you dictate how you will be treated by the world, otherwise nobody.”

Datt advises, “You only have one life, it’s yours. So cultivate the courage not to be liked. Eat, drink, look how you want, dress how you want, in a way that doesn’t hurt others.” , in a way. ” that feels most authentic and focused on you. Have consensual, safe sexual experiences that bring you joy, without guilt or shame. ”

Datt’s goal is to create a greater sense of community and empower women to be their authentic, joyfully sensual selves.

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