Actions for App Advertisers and Builders

Today, January 19th, we’re updating our previous guides to prepare you for the changes caused by Apple’s iOS 14 requirements. We’re introducing new experiences with our advertising tools that will walk you through some of these changes, including actions that you will be able to take shortly. While Apple hasn’t made it clear to the industry when they’ll enforce their AppTransparencyTracking prompt, we’re taking steps ahead of time to prepare you and reduce disruption to your advertising and integration with Facebook apps. You can find the following updates below:

  • New experiences in the event manager, including a dedicated resource center
  • Ad measurement updates
  • New restricted login mode for Facebook login

If you are using the Marketing API or the Ads Insights API, please check this blog in detail for any changes that will affect your campaigns. If you’re using the Ads Insights API, the measurement will change immediately starting today.

To verify this, advertisers using our Facebook SDK, Audience Network SDK, or / or a Mobile Measurement Partner SDK need to know the following version requirements:


  • Advertisers who have already upgraded to Facebook SDK v8.1 or higher can configure their SKAdNetwork for App installation ads using standard or customizable methods.
  • Advertisers who have not yet upgraded should upgrade to the Facebook SDK v9.0 released today.


  • All publishers must use Audience Network SDK v6.2.1 to make money from iOS 14 users when Apple rolls out their new requirements. The Audience Network SDK v6.2.1 was released on January 11, 2021.


  • If you have an MMP and are not using the Facebook SDK, contact your MMP for more information on how to complete the integration with Facebook to support SKAdNetwork. After completion of the process, the MMP can provide you with a unique URL to insert into the event manager in order to be able to run AEO and VO campaigns.
  • If you are working with an MMP and using the Facebook SDK:
    • When optimizing for installations (MAI): The app should have the latest version of the Facebook SDK (version 8.1 or higher) or an equivalent version of the MMP SDK. This assumes that MMPs have completed the integration with Facebook in order to support the interoperability of SKAdNetwork. Please inquire with your respective MMP where they will be after the integration with Facebook has been completed in order to support MAI with the help of SKAdNetwork.
    • To optimize app events, value or mobile app installs + events, you need to choose a method for setting measurement targets / conversion bits:
      • When events are sent from the Facebook SDK, use the event manager to set the configuration conversion scheme.
      • When events are sent from MMP, the MMP interface must be used to configure the conversion scheme.


  • Starting January 19, 2021, advertisers will be able to configure the SKAdNetwork conversion scheme in Events Manager to measure App Events (AEO), Values ​​(VO) or App Installs + App Events (MAI +) prior to Apple’s immediate enforcement to optimize events).


  • Starting January 19, 2021, we will be introducing the ability for advertisers to set up and test SKAdNetwork-based app installation campaigns in the Ad Manager and API, prior to Apple’s immediate enforcement.
  • Starting January 19, 2021, campaign-level advertisers will see a toggle indicating they want to run an app install campaign for iOS 14 users.


  • We’re going to be replacing the Account-level Attribution window with a new Attribution setting that can be accessed at the ad-set level during campaign creation. Active and new ad sets use a 7-day click and a 1-day view by default, which can reduce the number of reported conversions. Due to restrictions on the look-through signal, the mapping setting for newly created campaigns after immediate enforcement is by default used as a 7-day click instead of a 7-day click and a 1-day view. Today, you can prepare for changes in the Attribution window by using the Compare Windows feature in Ad Manager to see performance across all existing windows.


  • If you are using the App Events API and are not using the Facebook SDK to support the SKAdNetwork API, confirm that you have properly implemented SKAdNetwork through Events Manager to access the SKAdNetwork configuration experience.
  • After confirmation, you can configure your conversion scheme for the execution of AEO and VO campaigns


We’re launching the Resource Center, a dedicated tab in the Ad Manager with a custom checklist of tasks that will walk you through the steps you can take to make sure your advertising is set up optimally and to prepare for the upcoming impact of iOS 14 – Prepare requirements. The Resource Center provides a list of relevant updates that summarize how the iOS 14 requirements may affect your specific ad account. Most tasks and updates are linked to help articles to further assist you with these changes.


  • The Facebook sign-in now has a restricted sign-in mode that implements security measures that advertisers can use to choose whether Facebook can use the fact that a person has logged into an advertiser’s iOS app via Facebook to serve or receive advertisements Measure advertising effectiveness. To implement this new version of Facebook Login, advertisers need to update to version 9.0+ of the Facebook iOS SDK or Facebook SDK for Unity.
  • For more information on this new version of Facebook Login, including implementation documentation and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), please visit our developer page.

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