A karaoke app with hundreds of thousands of customers is quietly taking on TikTok

TikTok is obsessed with a popular karaoke app and the results are hilarious.

The Smule singing app has been around for nearly a decade, but TikTok users only discovered it recently. People share their karaoke experiences on the singing app – and it’s wild.

What is Smule?

Smule is an interactive karaoke app that you can use with friends and strangers. It was originally called Sing! Karaoke in 2012. With the app you can not only choose from a wide selection of popular songs, but you can also play live as a duet anywhere and with anyone.

One of its most unique features is the ability to duet with famous artists such as J Balvin, Jason Derulo and Luis Fonsi.

The app has four and a half stars out of five in the App Store.

“I’ve been on Smule for over three years now and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!” Said one reviewer.

“To say I love this app would be an understatement. I’ve been here since 2015, ”commented another.

But TikTok seems to particularly like it. The hashtag #smule has over 125 million views.

How does Smule work?

Smule has three different options: solo, duo and group performance. Users can share their appearances with the community or keep them private. You can also use the app to record video, audio, or both.

The app uses audio and video filters, props, backgrounds and effects for added fun.

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Why is Smule so engaging?

Smule users spend an average of 57 minutes on the app, compared to 34 minutes on TikTok and 44 minutes on Facebook.

With user-generated content on the rise thanks to social media and the added impact of global bans, it makes sense for users to look for virtual ways to connect and have fun.

TikTokers have fun with Smule

User @ m1chaelceraluvr thought it was hilarious when a Michael Cera fan burped on Smule in the middle of her karaoke.

“I’m so sorry,” she said before continuing.

The story goes on

When someone played “Castaways” by the Backyardigans in a duet, @sophiakirsteins couldn’t stop laughing.

But @ user9917771634827 could hardly hold it together during a duet when her singing partner Syko said with a wild voice “#BrooklynBloodPop!”

“I actually like it more than the OG song,” commented one person.

“I just duetted them and stopped singing just to laugh,” said another.

After @ pl4ntl0v3r2 played “Good Little Girl,” a song by Adventure Time, in a duet with a stranger, she deleted the app when her singing partner burst out laughing at the sound of her voice.

“I’m sorry, but that was the best laugh I’ve ever heard,” someone said.

“Please never delete, I’m dying,” joked one user.

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