75 Unbelievable Methods to Get Extra Twitter Followers

If you want to get more Twitter followers you’ve come to the right place.

The mission of this post is to provide you with the best tips possible to help you get more Twitter followers.

These Twitter tips can help you turbo-boost your audience and take your brand to the next level.

Enjoy the post!

1. Craft a Compelling Bio

Your bio is what people will read when they discover your profile – so make it a good one!

Your bio box should describe who you are and what you do.

In this section you have 160 characters to describe yourself.

Use as much of this space as possible to cover the topics you are likely to tweet about and encourage people to follow you.

2. Upload a Real Photo of Yourself

Although for brand accounts it sometimes makes the most sense to use a logo, if you want to get more followers for your personal account one of the best ways is to use a profile picture with your actual face.

People are social creatures and personally I know I prefer to see a smiling face instead of a faceless logo.

People are more likely to trust and connect with you if they see your face so I recommend you use a picture where your face is clearly visible for your profile picture.

3. Reply to Tweets Publicly

Although replying with a private (direct) message is quite easy, when you do this other people will be unable to see your response.

If you do not reply publicly on your Twitter profile people you will seem unsociable, and if you ignore people this will cost you followers.

Keep your Twitter conversions public and this will help you build a reputation as a savvy Twitter user and get more Twitter followers in the process.

If you start a tweet with a username then only you, that person, and shared followers will see the tweet.

One way to get around this and make your conversations visible by all of your followers is to start a reply with a period so it is displayed as a regular tweet by Twitter.


4. Follow Experts and Popular Accounts

Make sure you follow people and companies that have a solid position in your niche.

Following the right people is a sure way of getting noticed especially when you start a dialogue or reply to them.

In addition, following experts in your niche is a sure way for you to learn important tactics from them.

Also when you follow someone you will be placed at the top of their follower list and this will give your profile extra exposure.

Some people game the system and get followers by unfollowing and then refollowing popular accounts.

By following popular accounts you get exposure from being at the top of the list of followers of a celebrities account for a time.

5. Get More Twitter Followers by Helping People

People join twitter in order to share ideas, interact with people who have the same interests and engage in interesting conversations.

Anyone who is on board only to make money from their followers will be doomed and failure and ridicule.

Twitter users are smart and they can easily tell if you are there to have a conversation or if you have been blown there by the winds of business.

get-followers-by-sharing-helpful-tipsGet Twitter Followers by Sharing Helpful Tips

However, you can still promote your business on Twitter.

For instance, for every 20 non-promotional, informational and useful tweets you can have room for one that promotes or sells your business.

A smart way to promote your business is by creating blog posts that help your audience and introduce people to your business in a non-pushy way.

Since the main purpose of twitter is to communicate and socialize, it is vital to do less selling and more branding.  This will create more trust and respect from the people in your network.

For more promotion tips check out these 15 Twitter promotion ideas.

6. Strive For Clarity

It is very important to make sure that the tweets you post are properly understood.

This is a sure way to ensure your followers feel like they are part of your tweets and conversations.

When people discover your profile they will look for a clear picture of who you are – so if you are posting cryptic tweets they probably won’t click the “follow” button.

Seek to be understood and you will soon find followers.

Take advice from Nietzsche and strive for clarity:

Those who know that they are profound strive for clarity. Those who would like to seem profound strive for obscurity.

7. Get More Twitter Followers With a Compelling Profile


This is vital especially for people who first discover you and are deciding whether to follow you or not.

Since they want to know more about you make sure they get a great first impression.

If you are managing a business page, there is a good chance you or your employer will want to use the company name for the name field of the Twitter profile.

But just because you use the business name for your Twitter account does not mean that you should not give the profile personality.

Use the bio field and / or background to identify the human(s) responsible for tweeting.

Use Co-Tags When an Account is Managed by Multiple People

If multiple people manage one account use tags with initials and a high hat to identify who is tweeting what.  This is called a “CoTag”

Since my name is Garin Kilpatrick if I was tweeting on an account managed by several people I would add the tag ^GK to the end of my tweets.

The more personal you can make your profile the more people will want to connect and communicate with you.

It’s important to note that twitter does not display search results for people who do not have a complete user bio, real name and username.

8. List The Largest Local City as Your Location


Just like adding a bio, or uploading a profile picture of your face, including your location helps people trust that you are a real person and not a robot.

The more specific you are about your location the more other people from the area around you will find and follow you.

Although I live just North of Toronto in a town called Innisfil I use Toronto in my Twitter bio.

Listing the largest city near you is a solid way to use this strategy to attract new followers.

9. Use the Twitter Search Tool

You can easily use Twitter search to find other people who tweet about the specific terms that you are interested in.


For instance if health is your area of interest you can search fitness, exercise, and diet.

Say “Hey” and follow people who share the same interests as you and many will follow you back.

10. Give Great Resources to Your Followers

Be resourceful, helpful, and supportive by helping your followers with excellent content.

The more trust you can gain by sharing helpful information the more followers you will get.

Reach out and answer questions with helpful answers and you will find followers for life.

Once people realize that they can benefit from your tweets they will be more likely to follow you and keep track of your activities on twitter.

11. Share Quality Content

Deliver quality content and you’ll get more retweets and more people following you.

When someone follows you they are essentially subscribing to your tweets: so make them worth reading!

Be selective about what you share.

Use Google image search for a better quality image if the image you want to share is low resolution.

Share only the best quality you find and you’ll have the best chance for more followers.

If your content is low quality or has lame headlines you will lose followers.

12. Create a Story

Everyone loves stories.

Posting tweets that share a story is a surefire way of earning more followers if you can get people engaged.

Create engaging stories about yourself and your business using tweets, photos, and videos.

Creating anticipation and excitement with your Twitter content is a winning formula.

13. Participate in #FollowFriday

Throughout the week keep track of the people who retweet and make a positive impression on you and reward them with a #FollowFriday recommendation.

More often than not people you recommend for #FollowFriday will return the favor.

14. Write Killer Headlines

Killer headlines are a sure way of grabbing peoples’ attention.

This will help you increase your twitter following and the number of clicks on your tweets.

For some awesome headline tips check out this post about mind-blowing headlines.

15. Stay Positive

Nowadays twitter is full of complains and negative tweets.

Posting negative tweets will put off some of your followers and cause people to unfollow you.

On the flip side if you are a positive person spreading positive and helpful tweets you will likely experience a positive improvement of your follower count as well.

16. Think Different

Blog posts that take a different or unique angle to the normal provoke lots of comment which shows that they are doing well.

Although in most cases it is quite easy to go with the flow, it is vital to adopt a unique line of thinking which will make you stand out from the crowd.


17. Analyze and Optimize

Analyzing what your followers respond to will give you a clear path that you should follow in terms of what you should change and important aspects that you should focus in order to build a large and strong twitter following.

A twitter audit will help you balance your original tweets, replies, and retweets.

For more on this topic check out our post about 10 Awesome Twitter Analytics and Visualization Tools.

18. Be Subtle With Introductions

Once you follow someone new, be sure to browse their tweets in order to find a tweet that you can respond to.

This will make them see that you are active and paying attention and hence they will be more likely to follow you back than if you say something crude and overused like “thanks for following me.”

19. Build Trust and Familiarity With Your Followers

Post educative, interesting, and legit stories which can be in terms of lessons and tips.

Most people following you are more likely to retweet your content or even suggest you to other users.

Building trust and familiarity makes it easy for twitter users to reach out to you.

20. Do Not Auto-Follow People

You should never follow people automatically without taking a quick look who they are.

This increases the risk of following spammers who may hurt the credibility and authenticity of your entire twitter profile.

Brand yourself and your twitter channel.

Fill out your bio and add a professional head shot to your twitter account.

Conveying your personality accurately on twitter will help you be authentic.

Authenticity is a great way to stay unforgettable in the eyes of your followers.

21. Get More Twitter Followers Fast

One of the fastest ways to get more Twitter followers is by hiring someone to work on this specific task.

If you want to invest in growing a strong following check out the service: Grow My Twitter Network from Sprout Followers.

With more Twitter followers your Twitter profile will demonstrate more social proof, which will help your network thrive.

22. Ask a Question

The beauty of twitter is true engagement which can be effectively stimulated by asking questions.

This will create interaction as your followers try to respond to your questions. You should treat your twitter home feed like a chat room.

Join a Tweet Chat

Tweet chats are a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and develop interesting ideas collectively.

Tweet chats are very helpful to anyone blogging professionally or personally.

Everyone loves picking up new ideas and developing new solutions.

Plus tweet chats are a great way to create deeper, more meaningful connections.

If you are looking to host or participate in a tweet chat you will likely enjoy this article with 20 terrific tweet chat tips.

23. Follow Back Relevant Followers

Though it is beneficial to have a large twitter following, it is also important to follow those who follow you.

I’m not saying you have to follow everyone back but it does make sense to do this with anyone you might want to get to know.

24. Reply as Fast as You Can

Twitter is a real-time social network and the faster you reply to people the more lively your conversation will become.

Money likes speed.  People like doing business with people they know they can quickly and easily contact if they need support.


25. Leverage Your Other Social Media Profiles

Link to your Twitter profile from your other profiles across the web. Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

On your Facebook page include a link to your Twitter profile in the Websites section.

On YouTube you can link to your Twitter profile in your bio, and in the description section for videos.  You can also mention your Twitter username in your videos, or watermark it as text on top of the video.

26. Link to Your Twitter Name in Your Email Signature


With every email you send you have an opportunity to link the recipient(s) of your Twitter profile.

I use a cool email signature service called WiseStamp that includes a twitter icon in my email signature.

If you don’t want to use wisestamp to include an image link you can simply use a text link that says you should follow me on Twitter here.

27. Tell People They Should Follow You On Twitter

Dustin Curtis did a twitter experiment on his blog and found that when he said:

“you should follow me on twitter here“

his click through rate improved significantly.


28. Tweet Awesome Content

If you can get more retweets you can get more followers.  Every retweet you get should

help you net a few new followers.  How many new followers a retweet gets you depends on who retweets you.

Share awesome content you will get more retweets, and more followers. When people visit your Twitter page and see that you are tweeting awesome content they will see the value in following your stream, and will be more likely to follow you.

Not sure where to start for awesome content? Check out my awesome content Twitter list. ?

29. Ask Your Followers to Retweet You

Ask your followers to “Please RT” your best content.

Saying please has been proven to get better results.  I have tested this out and it really does work.

Every retweet usually leads to a few new followers, depending on how many followers the person who retweets you has.

Check out my article about how to get more retweets for more tips that will help your tweets go viral.

30. Create Targeted Connections

The more targeted your connections are the better your chances are of getting engagement and clicks for the content and links you post.

To discover the tool and strategy I use to build targeted Twitter connections check out this post about 7 Ways to Strengthen Your Social Media Marketing.

31. Reach Out to Your New Followers With Video or Audio

This can be something as simple as a ten second personalized audio saying hello.

Going the extra mile with your intro can go a long way towards creating a positive connection with someone.

32. Carefully Include Keywords in Your Bio

The more details you can include in your bio, the better.  Twitter tools like TweepsMap allow people to search and find people to follow based on the keywords in your bio.

Try to include keywords that both describe you and the content you tweet about.

33. Use #Hashtags in Some of Your Tweets


Hashtags can help people find your tweets through trending topics, and Twitter search.

#Hashtags are not pretty to look at, so use them sparingly.  Some people detest them and will unfollow you if you use them all the time.


#Hashtags do open your tweets to other tweet streams and are proven to help you get more retweets, so using them (especially when you are starting out) can help you open your tweets up to a larger audience than just your followers.

More people finding your tweets means more people will check out your Twitter profile, and this will help you get more Twitter followers.

34. Tweet Cool Pictures

People like to see and share cool pictures.

Pictures tend to retweet well, and the more retweets you get the more followers you can potentially net.

You can upload your images directly to Twitter for the most native Twitter network exposure, or you can use a photo app to archive your photos on Twitter as well as elsewhere.

A few cool Twitter photo sharing tools include:

  • Instagram – iPhone photo sharing service from Facebook
  • Image Shack – Share your images and videos on Twitter

35. Block and Report Spammers

In most cases, the spammers are first names with a long number.

Following such users can confuse the automated systems as they try to sort through new twitter users.

This will help your account remain credible and speed the process of sorting new followers.

Keep a clean list of followers who are useful personally and professionally.

36. Retweet Others the Classic Way

The best way to get on the radar of others is with a retweet in the classic style, rather than the new style.

A classic retweet is when you start the tweet with RT and their username, for example:

“RT @Garin: 50 Innovative Ways to Get More Twitter Followers – https://twittertoolsbook.com/how-to-get-more-twitter-followers/”

Doing this causes your retweet to show up in their mention stream, which is more visible than retweeting in the new one-click style.

37. Unfollow People Who Don’t Follow You

Manage Flitter is a powerful free Twitter tool that creates a list of all people who don’t follow you and makes it easy for you to unfollow them.

The more influence and social profile you show on your Twitter profile the easier it will be for you to get more Twitter followers, and Manage Flitter helps increase your influence by decreasing the number of people you follow.


38. Email Your Contacts and Ask Them to Follow You

Send an email to your existing contact list letting them know that you are on twitter, and that they should be following you.

One way to do this is to use an emboldened post-script in any newsletters you might send.

For example:

P.S. Follow me on Twitter @Garin. ?

39. Tweet During Peak Times

Tweet during peak twitter traffic times.

Check out this post I wrote about everything you need to know about timing your tweets so you can get your tweets more exposure.

The more exposure your tweets get the more followers you will pick up in the process.

40. Participate in Trending Topics

Trending topics are visible to thousands of people at once.

Participating in a trending topic can give your tweet more exposure than it normally would.

With more exposure your tweets have a better chance of spreading, and this can net you a bunch of new followers in the process.

41. Get More Twitter Followers By Following Highly Relevant People


The more relevant the people you follow are, the better the chance is that they will follow you back.

The best way to ensure you are building relevant connections is to check out people for yourself.

Give their bio a quick read and have a look at their tweets.  If their tweets and bio resonate with you give them a follow and there is a good chance they will follow back.

42. Engage with Twitter Giants

If you can engage Twitter Giants, you can potentially get a large amount of exposure if they respond to you.

Your chances of getting the attention of a Twitter Giant grows as your following grows.  Be persistent.  Get them on lists and tweet their original content.  Mention them for #FollowFriday.

I engage with Twitter Giants on a regular basis and I’m sure that if you keep trying you can do the same.

43. Use a Tweet Button in Your Blog Posts


Your blog can be a great tool to help you get more Twitter followers.

Make sure that your blog links out to your Twitter and features Twitter share buttons.

Sites with twitter share buttons installed get seven times the twitter mentions as websites without them.

Twitter recently launched the official tweet button, and I recommend you use it.

If you install this button into your pages or posts manually you can also choose to have the button recommend people to follow after a  tweet is sent.

44. Do a Charity Promotion

Drew Carey (@Drewfromtv) offered to donate $1 for every follower he gets, up until 1,000,000 followers.

This strategy has netted him over 600,000 followers already, and plenty of publicity.

45. Create a Great Looking Twitter Background


Most people still use the web based version of Twitter, which means they will see your background when surfing to your profile.

If you take the time to create a custom Twitter background people will notice and you will get more follows as a result.

Check out the tool Themelon for millions of color combinations.

46. Pick a Short and Memorable Twitter User Name

The shorter your username the better.

Many people still use the classic style retweets, so having a shorter username means that more people will be able to retweet your tweets.

47. Tweet Often

When I met @unmarketing he told me the month he became really big on Twitter he tweeted about 10,000 times.

By tweeting all the time you might piss a bunch of people off, but the ones who don’t unfollow you will be much more familiar with you, and will be more likely to retweet you.

How effective this strategy is depends entirely on what you tweet about, of course.

The more you tweet, the better chance you have of your tweets being seen by people who do not follow you yet.

The more recent your tweets are, the more relevant it will seem for someone to follow you.

48. Run a Contest


Running a successful Twitter contest is a great way to attract new followers. Offer a good prize and make sure you clearly communicate the rules of entry. If your prize is related to your brand then it can also help find targeted followers who are interested in your area of expertise.

Be creative! Try giving away an experience, a vacation, a meeting with a celebrity. Contests draw attention! Offer multiple prizes, including a grand prize, 3-5 mid-level prizes, and as many small prizes as you feel like.

Set a hashtag for your contest like#mycontestisawesome or #winmystuff, and include it in every tweet about your contest.

Launch your contest through Twitter and any other mediums you are using. Blogs are great at driving contest traffic, because they can explain the prizes and rules in greater detail.

You can use the conest as an inbound marketing vehicle for your website and award prizes based on  who drives the most traffic back to the contest page, thus helping it spread virally!  Get contest entrants to use bit.ly links which have built in analytics so that you can track who sends the most traffic.

49. Use Twitter in Your Blog Comments

When replying to posts on other people’s blogs, leave your Twitter name in your reply.

If you are commenting on a disqus comment system (like the one in this post) you can click a twitter icon and share your comment on Twitter.

50. Interact

This is something many new users miss on Twitter. Twitter is not simply a medium to broadcast like television or radio, although some people do drop the ball and use it this way.  Twitter is meant for both broadcasting AND interaction.

Answer back to people who tweet you. People who talk to you will be much more likely to follow you.

Whenever someone tweets or retweets me I check to make sure I am following them, and I imagine that many other people check this out as well.

51. Install a Twitter Follow Button

The official Twitter follow button makes it easy for people to follow you directly from your site.

Installing a Twitter button is really easy, it just takes copying and pasting the code, and inserting your username.  I have two twitter follow buttons installed into the sidebar of this blog, feel free to use them if you want to see how they work. ?

52. Add Yourself to Twitter Directories

There are directories like Twellow and several others where you can add your Twitter profile and get more followers.

There are dozens of directories of Twitter users online including Twiends, Twellow, and more.

Add yourself to as many directories as you can find under the proper categories, and you will begin to see some users following you from these sites.

When someone follows you through one of these directories you will receive a notification email from Twitter – if you have these turned on.

53. Write Articles and Place your Twitter Name in the Signature Box

Write articles on your topic of interest and place your Twitter name in the resource box.

Submit these articles to places like EzineArticles.com and GoArticles.com.

54. Install a Twitter Widget into Your Website

Did you know that you can add a Twitter widget on LinkedIn that will display your recent tweets?

You can get an official custom Twitter widget that works on any site where you can add custom code!

Both the Twitter follow button and the tweets button make it possible for your website visitors to easily follow you on Twitter.

55. Link it Up

The more links you have to your twitter profile the more ways there are for people to follow you!

This means online and offline, put a link to your Twitter profile everywhere you can.

Link to Twitter from Facebook, from your blog, from your guest posts, from your videos, in your email signature, and anywhere else you can think of.

Usually if you just put an “@” sign in front of your username people will understand that you are listing your Twitter name.

56. Write a Guest Post

Even if you don’t have a blog of your own, you can easily gain notoriety and followers by writing posts for other blogs.

Running a blog is hard work, and most people and companies welcome well written posts to give them a break.

If you do score an opportunity to guest post, link to your blog if you like, but be sure to link to your Twitter account as well.

Want to learn more about guest posting? Check out these ten great guest posting tips.

If you are interested in writing a post for this blog contact us and let us know your idea for a post!

57. Be Funny

Laughter is the best medicine. Funny and witty tweets retweet very well.

Just check out favstar for some of the funniest tweets.

@Badbanana and @shitmydadsays are always good for a laugh.

58. Sign up for my free 7 day eCourse

Enroll in my free 7 day twitter eCourse and you will receive awesome twitter tips and tricks by email that will enable you build a powerful twitter presence that will help you get many more followers.

59. Advertise Vacancies

If your company of business is doing well, you can use your twitter account to advertise any vacancies that you may have.

If twitter users realize that they may benefit from such opportunities, it is more likely that they will follow you in order to look out for your feed.

Share opportunities with your followers and they will retweet and recommend you and this will lead to more followers.

60. Do Podcasts

Podcasting is a great way to get attention, it showcases your expertise, and helps build an audience.

Creating your own podcast is simple. All you have to do is download a program such as Audacity (or, if you’re on a Mac, GarageBand works well.)

Record your audio, edit out long pauses or background noise, and make sure to mention that people should follow you on Twitter!

61. Host a Webinar


Webinars are online seminars, and can be a powerful way to build your brand and your Twitter following.

A Webinar is a perfect medium to get more Twitter followers fast, since you can link directly to your Twitter account during and after the webinar for attendees.

You can begin by creating a template for your slideshow that includes your Twitter information in the bottom right hand corner. Many attendees will automatically look in that corner of the presentation last, while listening to your information.

Encourage Twitter users to follow you throughout the presentation, and talk about the benefits of the content you share on Twitter.

If you plan on hosting a Q&A session ask people to follow you on Twitter and tweet their questions. Not only will this get you immediate followers from the participants, but their followers will see the questions being posed to you as well, and this can lead to more followers.

The software I use to host my webinars is called anymeeting and it is free to use for up to 200 attendees.

62. Do customer support through Twitter

Now, we’re not suggesting you throw away your helpdesk, but add Twitter as a support channel. You may find that users are already tweeting questions at you. Most good helpdesk software already offers Twitter integration.

Some people like posting support questions via Twitter, as they feel the public nature of it will lead to a faster response. Some prefer using private channels and may not use Twitter, but adding it will win you some new followers providing you offer good timely support through it.

63. Integrate Twitter with Your Videos

People love to watch videos. Creating video tutorials for your area of expertise is a great way to get exposure for yourself, and your Twitter presence.

Place your Twitter username in various places in the video, and you can even use a watermark or video annotation so that your twitter username is constantly visible.

If you have a YouTube channel make sure to include a link to your twitter profile on your channel page.

Offline Strategies for Getting More Twitter Followers

64. Rent a Billboard

If you are really ambitious and have money to burn you can get more Twitter followers by renting a billboard and put your Twitter name on it.

This is what Ashton Kutcher did when he was racing against CNN to be the first to 1,000,000 followers.

This strategy worked for Ashton and I’m sure it could work for you too if you have the budget to cover the cost.

65. Word of Mouth

Tell your friends and relatives to follow you on Twitter.

Bring Twitter up in person when you are chatting with people.

If the people you are talking to active on Twitter convince them to follow you, or if they are not on Twitter convince them to join.

66. Speak at Conferences

While most people already know that speaking at conferences is great for business, many people forget to promote their social media accounts through this platform.

The next time you’re giving a presentation at a seminar or conference remember to mention your Twitter account!

Create a presentation #Hashtag and encourage attendees to tweet about your talk for best results.

If you are using presentation software or an on-screen image during your speech, display your username on screen.

If your audience likes what you have to say, they may just follow you later! You can even host the conference yourself, including your Twitter information on conference tickets and tweet the events as they happen. When it comes to live events, the sky is the limit!

67. Put Your Twitter Name on Your Business Card

Twitter promotion does not have to be limited to the online world.  Include your Twitter name right on your business card you will be able to get several new followers.

Don’t have your Twitter username on your business cards yet?  You’re in luck Vista Print is currently giving away 250 business cards for free.

68. Host a Tweetup

Most of the time, offline strategies involve people finding you offline and connecting with you online afterwards.

Tweetups allow you the opportunity to connect with Twitter users in person, even if you have never met before.

Because the group of Twitter users that meet is often diverse you will likely gain at least a few new followers from a tweetup.

You can start a tweetup simply by asking around your circle of twitter followers. Offer to host the event at a coffee shop, restaurant, or even your office.

Create a dedicated web page or blog post for the event, a hashtag (for example, #mytweetup) so that users can follow the event, and encourage tweeters to share with their friends and followers as well.

You can gain large amounts of exposure from something this simple!

69. Do a Radio Interview

Much like speaking at conferences, radio interviews are a great way to get attention.

Whether through AM/FM, satellite, or Blog Talk Radio, the interviews can be used to gain some positive and wildly popular PR.

To be interviewed on the radio you need to position yourself as an expert. Watch your local stations for requests (they often publish them via social media,) list yourself in expert directories, and even contact the station directly and ask if they have any upcoming opportunities for experts.

While you won’t have a visual medium to display your Twitter account, repeating your Twitter username a few times during your interview can help you gain new followers. You can also use your interview time to promote contests and upcoming events through your Twitter feed, which is sure to get you some new followers in no time at all!

70. Newspaper Interviews and Articles

If you can somehow tie your business or industry to a current event, it can be easy to get an article in the traditional press that includes your information. You can distribute your own article via press release, or make yourself available for expert interviews through directories and by approaching the media directly.

If you have the resources, hiring a public relations firm can be a great help with this. They can get you expert interviews in many newspapers and national publications, and because of their existing relationship with the editor, you will often be allowed to include a bit more company information than the average submission.

If you don’t have the resources (or just prefer DIY methods), write a compelling press release that ties your business to a current event. Distribute it to the local media, and call to follow up. Create a media kit or press kit for distribution when someone asks for information about you and your business. Getting interviews in traditional press isn’t difficult for a small business owner, but it does take an investment of time and some persistence.

When you do gain some media exposure, while most companies are just now beginning to include links to their website in the article, you can include links to social media accounts like Twitter to get new followers and exposure for your expertise.

71. Attend Networking Events

If you run a business, you likely have a local networking event that you do or can attend.

Publicizing your Twitter profile at events like these through your business cards, stickers, and stamps can gain you a large number of targeted Twitter followers very quickly!

Be sure to offer an incentive for following you, such as free reports, discounts, or updates.

72. Give Away a Free eBook

Few things say “I’m an expert” like being an author.

While print titles still have more clout with traditional audiences, eBooks like those for Kindle and other e-readers are gaining popularity.

If you’re looking to establish yourself as an expert, traditional publishing houses may get you the most notoriety, but self-publishing with a good public relations agent can get you similar results today.

Being sure to include your social media links – including Twitter – is a great way to allow readers to connect with your expertise after reading your book. Start by offering your Twitter ID on the inside front cover, where many bookstore shoppers will look for your bio; then include your information on the back cover, in the introduction, and throughout the book.

If you are willing to think outside of the box, you can even include your Twitter ID in the footer of every page. Even if they don’t follow you immediately after reading the book, they will subconsciously recognize your account in the future and be more willing to follow you if they come across your name again.

Several prominent social media celebrities even use Twitter to launch subsequent titles, so don’t overlook the possibilities here. The opportunities are endless!

73. Research and Publish a Report

Reports and white papers are still an essential form of communication for industries and markets around the globe. If you have any data or research to share, or even just helpful ideas, publishing a report or whitepaper can successfully get you the attention of industry leaders, media, and yes – social media.

You can get your white papers and reports distributed by trade magazine distributors across North America, which will often give you the customers’ information. Offer the report or whitepaper on your own website, as well as on Twitter itself. You may find that the link to your report gets retweeted, getting you valuable exposure!

As with other forms of offline publishing, be sure to utilize your author’s bio and include links to Twitter and other profiles.

74. Magazine Articles

Like newspaper articles, magazine articles can get you great attention from readers and potential customers. Unlike newspapers, however, they can be much longer in length, explain things in much more depth, and offer more opportunities for promotion.

Go to the website for your favorite industry magazine and look for a link to their publishing schedule. There, magazines will list topics that they are going to be covering in the coming months. If you feel you can contribute to one of these topics, contact the editor with a proposal for your article. Do not send the whole article! Editors need a quick glance to determine if your content will be worthy, before approving you to begin work.

The great thing about working with magazines is that in certain circumstances, you can even get paid for your submission. How many opportunities do you have that allow your advertising to pay you? Magazine editors will typically allow for a longer author’s bio, offer more opportunities for promotion, and may even extend offers for inexpensive advertising in exchange for your contribution.

75. Use a Quick Response (QR) Code

There are several services online that allow you to create quick response or QR codes.

These codes are simple square bar codes that are gaining massive popularity with smartphone users, as they can be used to direct any phone to a specific web address just by taking a picture.

Create a QR code that links to your Twitter profile, and put it up on your website, business cards, any signage outside of your office or store, and anywhere else you can think of that might attract attention.


There are many ways to get more Twitter followers, but all are not created equal.

The most powerful Twitter follower getting tips I have discovered are:

  • Initiate connections often (Follow others)
  • Unfollow those who do not reciprocate, or who have become inactive on Twitter (Manage Flitter works well for this)
  • Post helpful awesome content on a daily basis
  • Engage with as many people as possible

So apply the strategies above along with as many as the tips from this post as possible and your Twitter account is sure to grow. ?

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