35 Methods to Get Extra Retweets

Getting retweeted is a great way to extend your influence online.

Retweets lead to more followers, more traffic to your links, and more influence for your brand.

Getting plenty of ReTweets is part art, part science.

To maximize your retweet potential your best bet is to have a catchy headline, clean English, and cool content to drive your tweet home.

The tips below contain several of the best ways to help you get more Retweets.

Try these tips out for yourself and watch as your tweets are retweeted far and wide!

1. Install Twitter Buttons Into Your Blog

A few years ago Twitter launched the official Twitter tweet button, which I like and use on all my blogs.

Installing this button into every blog post your website makes it easy for people to share your content.

Getting the code for a Twitter button is easy.  Below is a screen capture of the official Twitter “publish” page, which makes it easy for you to get a Tweet button and add it to your website.


In addition to tweet buttons you can

WordPress blog Integration

2. Ask Your Friends to Retweet You

If you have a tweet you want retweeted simply send a message to your friends asking them to retweet it for you.


Garin here and I just finished working on an awesome new blog post about 35 ways to get more retweets.

If you can help me by sharing this post I’d really appreciate it!

Here is the link: https://twittertoolsbook.com/35-ways-to-get-more-retweets/


You can message your friends with DM’s via twitter, with facebook, or even with good old email when asking for a retweet.

3. Rewrite and Repeat Your Best Tweets

If you worked hard on a blog post that you know deserves some attention don’t be afraid to tweet it out a few times.

When you repeat your tweet, mix it up.  Don’t tweet the exact same tweet every time.  Re-word your tweet and you will appeal to different people each time you tweet it.

There are now in excess of 100,000,000 tweets a day.  It is harder than ever to get your tweets noticed these days, due to the sheer volume of tweets.

As long as you don’t spam, and add value, it’s fair game.

4. Tweet Breaking News

If you tweet breaking news there is a good chance others will share this news as well, and your tweet might just spread like wildfire.

5. Say Thanks!

When you start getting a ton of retweets it is difficult to thank everyone who retweets you, but if you notice that someone has retweeted you several times then take the time to say “thanks” and they will be more likely to retweet you again.

Thank these people for retweeting you and you will gain a new follower and friend that will probably retweet you again.

6. Get Plenty of Followers

The more followers you have, the more likely you are to get retweets.

To get more followers check out my my epic post with 75 ways to get more Twitter followers.

7. Create Retweeting Reciprocity

Promote the content of others more than you promote your own content.

Help others get their message out and they will be much more likely to do the same for you.

8. Include @mentions to Those Referenced in Your Posts

Include the twitter user name of others in your blog post, and then send a shout out to them on twitter letting them know.

There is a good chance other people will retweet your post when they find out they are in the post you are sharing!

9. Use Tweriod for a Free Analysis of the Best Times to Tweet

Tweriod is a free Twitter analysis tool that analyses where the last 1,000 people who followed you are from and makes a custom recommendation about when you should tweet based on that.


The only problem with Tweriod is the more followers you get beyond 1,000 the less accurate it becomes at telling you the best time to send your tweets.

Tweepsmap More Accurately Determines the Best Times to Tweet

Even for my account @Garin, which currently has over 400k followers, Tweepsmap is able to accurately determine the best times for me to tweet.

This information is generated based on the geographic location of my followers. Below is an example of a best times to tweet graph generated by Tweepsmap.


10. Time Your Tweets During Peak Hours

Have too many followers for Tweriod to be effective for you?

Tweet between 2pm and 6pm EST for maximum effectiveness.

You can also use the tool SocialBro to analyze your network and create a heat map that shows the best times to tweet!

11. Time Your Tweets Tactfully

I use Hootsuite to schedule tweets to my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts ahead of time so my posts show up in those networks at tactful times.

By scheduling your tweets you will help your content get maximum exposure.

Hootsuite also comes with an auto scheduler that automatically spaces out your tweets to deploy at optimal times.


12. Leave Room in Your Tweets for RT + Your Username

Many people (such as myself) still prefer to retweet using the classic style.

Make sure you leave enough room in your tweet for RT and your user name whenever possible, so as many people as possible retweet you.

13. Trending Topics

Trending topics are a powerful way to get into a stream of tweets that as many as thousands of people are tweeting about at once, and this can help a clever tweet go viral fast.

By tweeting about a trending topic you give your tweet greater exposure than it typically will receive.  Some people use this tactic on a regular basis and those who do so with success are often retweeted hundreds or thousands of times and can pick up several thousands of followers in the process.

14. RT Your Own Tweets (With a Different Account)


Once a tweet has been re-tweeted once it is more likely to get additional RT’s than if it has re-tweets.

The easiest and often fastest way to get another re-tweet is to have a second account and us it to re-tweet your own tweet.

This does not have to involve the time consuming task of logging in and out of different accounts.  Apps like Hootsuite make it easy to manage multiple accounts from within one dashboard and make getting the RT ball rolling a two second task.

15. Upload Your Pictures Directly to Twitter

A recent Twitter social media science experiment tested uploading images to different platforms to see which got the most retweets.

Pictures uploaded to directly to Twitter had the best chance of being retweeted.

The reason for this is because pictures directly uploaded to Twitter  feature the entire

16. Tweet Great Quotes

Take a minute and dig up some great quotes.

Great quotes seem to always retweet very well for me, and I’m sure they will do the same for you.

There are plenty of quotes websites online, just Google “Best [Topic] Quotes” and you’ll certainly find some good ones.

17. Use More Images, #Hashtags, and Quotes


A new Twitter science experiment revealed that including images in your tweets can lead to more ReTweets.

Check out this blog post to see Twitter infographics that show how using Images, #Hashtags, and Quotes can help you get more RT’s.

18. Tweet Links

Based on data tweets with links tweet better than tweets without links.  The reason for this may be largely due to the fact that tweets without links are often simple daily updates, which make no sense to retweet.

Do not misinterpret this data and think that tweets without links cannot retweet well.  Some of my bolder tweets are on par, in terms of retweets, with tweets containing links to my most valuable content.


19. Build friendships with social media giants

If you can manage to build friendships with twitter giants you will benefit from their exposure when they talk to you, and if they retweet your tweets.

Some people with considerably fewer followers than me retweet my content all the time and when I notice this I often return the favour.  Even though someone might have many fewer followers I still appreciate the help.

20. Use the most ReTweetable Words in your Tweets

most-retweetable-words21. Don’t use the least ReTweetable words in your Tweets

least-retweetable-words22. Use the ReTweetable words finder tool

The Most ReTweetable Words Finder Tool will allow you to find the most ReTweetable words about your specific topic.

This tool will show you the 20 most ReTweetable words about any given topic. Simply enter a keyword (like “marketing”) and click analyze.


This tool only analyzes about 1500 tweets at a time, which may or may not return relevant results for you.  I hope Dan builds out a more robust version of this tool in the future.

23. Include “Please RT” in Your Tweet

Dan Zarrella has tested and proven that including “Please RT” in your tweets does help them get retweeted.

Some people are simply programmed to respond favorably to “please.”

Ask people nicely to help you and you may be surprised by the ground you can gain.

24. Target Your Tweets to Your Audience

If you have a keyword in your bio that someone else has as well then it makes sense to connect with them because you both have similar interests.  People who have shared interests with you are also going to be more likely to retweet you than someone who feels no connection with you.

Create connections with people who are interested in topics similar to you.

You can use the free Twitter tool Twopcharts to find the people with the most followers in a location near you.

25. Install Shareaholic into Your Blog

If you own a WordPress blog I recommend you install the Shareaholic share buttons and related posts plugin.


I use this plugin on all my blogs and

26. Run a Twitter Contest

Twitter contests often go viral.

The cooler the prize you are willing to give away for your contest the more likely people are to retweet your link.

One way to track this is to give each contestant a bit.ly link and whoever gets the most clicks to their link wins.

27. Get People to Pay You With a Retweet

If you have a digital product, such as an ebook or an Mp.3 you can use the service paywithatweet

paywithatweet.com to offer it to free for any twitter user who sends out a retweet for you.

If you have great content to share this is a very cool way to get some viral exposure as you distribute it.

28. Give Away Something Free

I have gotten tons of retweets on my free 7 day twitter eCourse.  One of the seven days contains a module on “How to get more retweets.”

You can also give away a video course, an eBook, or any digital content.  The higher the value of the gift you give, the greater your chances are of getting retweets.

29. Use bit.ly or su.pr for links

Bit.ly is the standard url shortener for twitter, and due to that fact it is highly familiar with twitter users, and it will get you the best click through rate.


Su.pr can get you more traffic by syndicating your content to StumbleUpon, which is a community of over nine million users.  I know from experience that StumbleUpon can lead to large windfalls of traffic (to the tune of tens of thousands of visitors) so I do believe in StumbleUpon as a very viable source of traffic.

30. Use #Hashtags

Try using #Hashtags.  Just don’t use #ReallyAnnoyingLongHashTags.

The most effective way I ever saw hash tags leveraged to promote retweets was when a company offered to donate $.01 to Livestrong everytime the hashtag #beatcancer was used.

The hashtag went viral and was retweeted thousands of times.

31. Use Backtweets

Using a service like Sprout Followers

32. Tweet More Often

There is plenty of noise on Twitter so you need to be persistent if you want to make an impact.

As long as your content is good tweeting more often will help you get greater exposure and results.

33. If You Want to Get, Give

Promote and retweet others like crazy.

Then when you post your own content there is a good chance they will return the favor if your tweet resonates with them.  Reciprocity is a powerful force.

34. Tweet Later in The Week

A good strategy for getting retweets is to Tweet your best stuff out during peak times.

The peak time for Twitter is before lunch and after 4 p.m. EST

I have often found that these are the times when you can get the most retweets.

The best days of the week for retweets are Thursday and Friday.

35. Tweet Awesome Content

Content is king, and awesome content naturally leads to a large number of retweets.

I have curated a list called awesome content that contains the people who I have noticed share the most awesome content on a regular basis.

It would be awesome if you retweet this blog post! ?

Bonus Infographic



Now that you know these powerful ways to get more retweets go out and put them into action!

How do you get more retweets? Let us know in the comments.

Oh, and one more thing: Please RT this post! ?

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