25 TikTok Made Me Purchase It Merchandise — In style, Viral Stuff Customers Love

Who doesn’t spend hours scrolling through TikTok? It’s full of hilarious pets, ridiculously catchy tunes, and stuff we never knew we needed. It may be one of the best ways to shop, in fact, because there’s so much cool stuff on there you discover in the blink of an eye! You see someone recommend an awesome gadget or beauty product, and the next thing you know, you’re hitting up your favorite online retailer to grab it. We call these “TikTok Made Me Buy It” products. There are dozens of TikTok-popular goodies out there just waiting to put a smile on someone’s face! Here are 25 of the best “TikTok Made Me Buy It” products that we think you’ll love. Don’t forget to check out gifts for teens under $50 and stocking stuffer ideas under $10  for the other trend-loving friends and family in your life too!

From useful gadgets like stress-relieving, dandruff-scrubbing scalp massagers to the infamous “TikTok butt lift leggings“, we’ve listed the top TikTok popular products that’ll make anyone’s season bright! In our 25 best “TikTok Made Me Buy It” products, we’ve included clothing, beauty products, kitchen tools, and all the cool stuff you’ve seen on TikTok over the last few months. Keep on reading to explore the variety of TikTok leggings, makeup, cleaning products, and other goodies we’ve included to make your December 2021 the most fun yet for you, your family, and friends.  

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25 TikTok Made Me Buy It

SEASUM Women’s High Waist Yoga Pants Scrunched Booty Leggings Workout Running Butt Enhance Textured Tights M, , $9.88 at Amazon

Price Disclaimer

In our “TikTok Made Me Buy It” guide, we’re kicking things off with the infamous TikTok leggings. The GYMSPT High Waisted Butt Lift Scrunch Honeycomb Leggings are less than $10 at Amazon. These viral, stretchy, booty-shaping leggings are all over the video-sharing platform for a reason. They promise a luxurious softness, form-fitting, and flattering look that puts your derriere on display. You get one pair in a variety of colors, from Tie Dye rainbow to Tiffany Blue.  

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Time and Tru Women’s Platform Sneaker, $14.97 at Walmart

These affordable kicks are another one of several TikTok products that went viral. The Time and True Women’s Platform Sneaker are a Walmart budget dupe for Nike’s Air Force Ones that you can paint and customize with your favorite colors and designs. Buy multiple pairs and express yourself or make a custom creation for friends and family! They’ll appreciate the effort (and the unique gift)!

Diane Shampoo Massage Brush, $7.99 at Ulta

One of the most useful TikTok products that work can be found at Ulta for less than $10. The Diane Shampoo Massage Brush is perfect for deep scalp cleansing, exfoliating, and massaging while you lather up in the shower. It’s made of soft, easy-to-clean silicone, and its grippy handle makes it easy to hold, even with soapy hands. “This felt soooo good on my scalp!” a recent 5-star reviewer raves. “Buy it! It doesn’t disappoint!”

Star Projector Night Light, $7.88 at Amazon

Star Projector Galaxy Light Projector with Ocean Wave Projector, Music Speaker, Voice Control&Timer, Nebula Cloud Ceiling Light Projector for Baby Kids Adults Bedroom/Decoration/Birthday/Party

Price Disclaimer

The biggest names on TikTok love this cool gadget, which creates a beautiful, starry sky anywhere! This top trending star projector is just $7.88 at Amazon, and it lights your bedroom, car, closet, garage, or anywhere you’d like to create a stunning galaxy in seconds. It’s a fun and whimsical night light for the kids, too. You can buy multiple and create an entire universe throughout the house!

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Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Cleaning Brush, $39.99 at Kohl’s

One of the biggest TikTok trends includes finding skincare products that help you achieve soft, smooth skin. The Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Cleaning Brush is a top seller at Kohl’s, and it’s just $39.99. It comes in an Insta-friendly peach hue and exfoliates, cleanses, and massages for a dermatologist-approved skincare routine. It’s great for all skin types, and it’s rechargeable and waterproof!

Progressive International Zip Slicer, $11.85 at Amazon

Progressive International Zip Slicer, A, Red

Price Disclaimer

This simple slicer is one of TikTok’s favorite kitchen gadgets, and for good reason. The Progressive International Zip Slicer lets you prep veggies, fruits, and any other products you can fit in the slicing tube, then use the enclosed blade to slice them all at once! For $11.85 at Amazon, you can add this must-have TikTok tool to spice up meals, slicing up tomatoes or chopping up olives for delicious salads, pizzas, and more. 

ANYPET No-Spill Anti-Splash Drinking Bowl, $14.97 at Walmart

Pet owners of TikTok swear by this ANYPET No-Spill Anti-Splash Drinking Bowl. For just $14.97 at Walmart, it’s an easy way to get Fido to stop slurping down water as fast as they can. It keeps your pup from making messes when drinking and protects your floors at the same time. Plus, you can rest assured knowing it’ll slowly mete out water for your thirsty fur baby. 

Coolcos Key Ring Bracelet, $12.98 at Amazon

Coolcos Key Ring Bracelets Wristlet Keychain Bangle Keyring - Large Circle Leather Tassel Bracelet Holder For Women Gift (A Leopard)

Price Disclaimer

This is one TikTok product you didn’t know you needed. Keep your car keys and other important goodies right on your wrist with this Coolcos Key Ring Bracelet, just $12.98 at Amazon. It’s a useful bangle with a decorative tassel and keyring to carry anything you might need, like your keys, so you never lose them. Plus, it comes in every shade you can imagine, from a fun rainbow tie-dye to teal, red, and black. 

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Learning Resources Recordable Answer Buzzers, $23.23 at Amazon

Learning Resources Recordable Answer Buzzers, Personalized Sound Buzzer, Recordable Buttons, Perfect for Game Nights, Set of 4, Ages 3+

Price Disclaimer

Pet TikTok has been all over these colorful buttons that help your dogs and cats “talk” to you. The Learning Resources Recordable Answer Buttons are just $23.23 at Amazon, and you can record your own voice to help encourage your pets to communicate with you. Record a “treat” or “walk” button and watch your pets learn to step on the button to produce the sound so they can tell you what you want. TikTok users have made astonishing progress with their fur babies, and you just might do the same! 

Monster LED Light Strip, $19.52 at Walmart

Of all the TikTok product trends on the platform, you’ve probably seen LED lights in users’ rooms the most. Grab a set of Monster LED Light Strips at Walmart and place them around your home for a fun, bright light effect. Choose from a variety of hues, light patterns, and soft or bright light levels. They’re perfect for ambient mood lighting, as well as the lo-fi aesthetic everyone loves on the platform. 

EZCO Bag Sealer Mini, $14.97 at Amazon

EZCO Bag Sealer Mini, Handheld Bag Heat Vacuum Sealer, 2 in 1 Heat Sealer & Cutter Portable Bag Resealer Machine Food Saver for Plastic Bags Storage Snack Cookies Fresh (Battery Included)

Price Disclaimer

This trending TikTok product is one that you’ll find yourself returning to time and time again. It’s a great gift, too. The EZCO Bag Sealer Mini, just $14.97 at Amazon, is a great way to reseal open food bags and cut them open again. No more worrying about chip clips or snacks going stale! Plus, you can choose from four different colors for an Insta-ready kitchen tool photoshoot. 

ODISTAR Desktop Vacuum Cleaner, $14.98 at Amazon

ODISTAR Desktop Vacuum cleaner,Mini table dust sweeper Energy Saving with auto power-off function,High endurance up to 400 mins,Cordless&360º Rotatable Design for Keyboard/Home/Office (white charging)

Price Disclaimer

Some of the best TikTok products on Amazon are the most useful too, and that can definitely be said of the ODISTAR Desktop Vacuum Cleaner, just $14.98 at Amazon. This mini vacuum is perfect for clearing the table of crumbs, tidying up around your desk, or just taking care of small messes. Its compact size makes it easy to store when not in use. 

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Stardrops Pink Stuff Miracle All Purpose Cleaner, $8.99 at Amazon

Stardrops - The Pink Stuff - The Miracle All Purpose Cleaning Paste

Price Disclaimer

This overwhelmingly popular TikTok cleaning product has everyone talking. Stardrops Pink Stuff Miracle All Purpose Cleaner is a paste that can help tackle tough cleaning jobs. It’s just $8.99 at Amazon, and it’s great on bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor surfaces as well as floors and walls. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Bedsure Satin Pillowcase, $11.83 at Walmart

There’s quite the buzz around this TikTok favorite, as the Bedsure Satin Pillowcase is a highly sought-after product. For $11.83 at Walmart, you get 2 satin pillowcases for a good night’s sleep. But TikTok users love these pillowcases for the properties they imbue in hair: less breakage, silky and smooth to help deter tangles, and even great for skin to moisturize and help keep wrinkles at bay. They’re veritable skin and hair miracle workers, and less than $12, to boot!

ExcelGadgets Silicone Stretch Lids, $11.49 at Amazon

ExcelGadgets Silicone Stretch Lids, Reusable Silicone Lids, Replacement Lids,【6 Pack of Platinum Grade Lids】Silicone Food Bowl Covers for Food Storage, Reusable Saran Wrap, Microwave, Oven & Dishwasher Safe

Price Disclaimer

These must-have TikTok products are simple, but satisfying for anyone who spends time in the kitchen. These ExcelGadgets Silicone Stretch Lids are $11.49 at Amazon, and act as great alternatives to plastic and Saran wrap as well as aluminum foil. No more searching for baggies or lids to save leftovers. These lids, which come in six sizes, can stretch over just about any bowl, glass, cup, jar, or even crockpots. They’re great for the environment and a great alternative to disposable materials. 

Simple Modern Classic Insulated Tumbler, $18.99 at Amazon

Simple Modern Classic Insulated Tumbler with Straw and Flip Lid - Stainless Steel Water Bottle Iced Coffee Travel Mug Cup 24oz (710ml) Pattern: Carrara Marble

Price Disclaimer

Popular TikTok star Tinx swears by this tumbler, which comes in a variety of colors. The Simple Modern Classic Insulated Tumbler is an excellent choice for ice-cold drinks or piping-hot coffees, teas, or even hot chocolate. For $18.99 at Amazon, it comes with both cold and hot lids, a straw, and a hue of your choice. They’re perfect for just about any situation, and great for gift-giving when it comes to anyone who wants to stay hydrated. 

russell+hazel Acrylic Memo Tablet, Dry Erase Board & Marker, $31.99 at Amazon

russell+hazel Acrylic Memo Tablet, Dry Erase Board and Marker, Clear 12” x 6” x 11.5” (31384)

Price Disclaimer

Some of the best must-have TikTok goodies are also Insta-worthy right out of the package. The russell+hazel Acrylic Memo Tablet, Dry Erase Board & Marker, $31.99 at Amazon, is a fun, clear board that you can write your to-do lists, reminders, and leave doodles on. It’s completely transparent and comes with a white dry-erase marker. Set it in your bedroom, on your kitchen counter, or on your desk to jot down important reminders in style. 

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ESARORA Ice Roller, $14.99 at Amazon

ESARORA Ice Roller for Face & Eye, Puffiness, Migraine, Pain Relief and Minor Injury, Skin Care Products

Price Disclaimer

TikTok users know the value of taking care of your skin, especially in the morning when dealing with hot, puffy, and tired skin. The ESARORA Ice Roller is just $14.99 at Amazon, and feels like walking through a soothing blizzard. Use it to massage your face to eliminate swelling, shrink pores, calm skin, and even prevent wrinkles. This handy gadget comes in a rainbow of colors, and you can pop it into the freezer to chill between uses. 

Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer, $25 at UncommonGoods


Cooking TikTok is over the moon for this Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer, $25 at UncommonGoods. You can toss this useful gadget into a pot or a pan to stir sauces, soups, and even batters while you take care of other kitchen tasks. You can set the timer for as long as necessary, and use that precious time not stirring to tackle other parts of your recipes. It can take care of all the heavy lifting for you and everything will come together lickety split. Boom! Dinner is served. 

MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones 3D Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Sleep Mask, $25 at Amazon

Sleep Headphones, Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless 3D Eye Mask, Lightimetunnel Washable Sleeping Headphones for Side Sleepers With Adjustable Ultra Thin Stereo Speakers Microphone Hands Free for Insomnia Travel

Price Disclaimer

If you or someone you know spends a lot of time in bed watching TikTok, creating them, or just enjoying your favorite tunes, the MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones 3D Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Sleep Mask is a great gift. It’s $25 at Amazon, and you can wear the mask to bed and enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, and TikToks if you choose to listen to them while drifting off. Choose from a variety of colors and snuggle up with this mask at night to block out light and pipe in soothing sounds. 

SB Cutting Board with Collapsible Containers and Graters, $59.95 at Amazon

Cutting Board with Collapsible Containers and Graters

Price Disclaimer

Another cooking TikTok favorite, this trending product is great for fledgling chefs and hobbyist chefs alike. Chop all your veggies on the cutting board, and then store them all in 100% food-grade safe silicone drawers, all built into the board itself. It’s just $59.95 at Amazon, and it comes with five interchangeable slicers so you have control over the size and form of the produce you chop, and when you’re finished, it can all go in the fridge for storage. 

SUPRUS Electric Lighter, $12.99 at Amazon

SUPRUS Lighter Electric Lighter Candle Lighter USB Lighter with Upgraded LED Battery Display Safety Switch Rechargeable Flameless Plasma Windproof Pocket Size for Candle Cooking BBQs Fireworks

Price Disclaimer

TikTok users swear by this electric lighter, which eliminates the need for traditional lighters. If you tend to enjoy candles, this is a great way to keep them lit and enjoy their scent for hours to come. It uses an electric spark to light wicks, and it can’t be blown out by the wind, unlike traditional flames. Best of all? It’s just $12.99 at Amazon. Take it on camping trips, hiking, or any situation in which you might need a flame to light things with. Then recharge it later! 

LOGROTATE Sliding Control Moon Lamp, $37.99 at Amazon

Moon Lamp, LOGROTATE 16 Colors LED Night Light 3D Printing Moon Light with Stand & Remote/Touch Control and USB Rechargeable, Moon Light Lamps for kids friends Lover Birthday Gifts (Diameter 4.8 INCH)

Price Disclaimer

The LOGROTATE Sliding Control Moon Lamp is a mainstay on TikTok, thanks to its warm glow and out-of-this-world aesthetic. This great-looking lamp is just $37.99 on Amazon. Displayed on a gorgeous wooden stand, it comes with a remote control you can use to alter the lamp’s color and brightness. It’s a soft, elegant way to perk up a room, and pairs nicely with another TikTok favorite: the star projector earlier in this very list. 

VANVENE 2-Pack Makeup Cleaner Sponge, $8.95 at Amazon

2 Pack Cleaner Sponge, Dry Makeup Brushes Cleaner Eye Shadow or Blush Color Removal Quickly Switch to Next Color

Price Disclaimer

Makeup TikTok can’t get enough of this quick and easy set of makeup cleaner sponges. For just $8.95 at Amazon, you get sponges that you can use to cleanse your makeup brushes, sponges, and more. Slide your brush head over the sponge’s surface to clean off all the old makeup residue, then pack it away. It’ll be clean and sanitized, and ready to help you look your best another day. Best of all, these cleaners are compact and easy to use.

YOUKOOL Exfoliating Lip Brush (2-Pack), $5.79 at Amazon

Lip Brush Tool,Double-Sided Silicone Exfoliating Lip Brush (2PCS)

Price Disclaimer

This hot TikTok makeup tool is integral to a stunning lip-focused makeup look. These lip brushes, just $5.79 at Amazon, are double-sided silicone exfoliating tools to help de-flake your lips. Use a bit of water and softly brush your lips for a soft surface that your lipstick, stain, gloss, or balm will glide right across. Or you can opt to use with a lip scrub for the ultimate in softness. 

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