15 Highly effective Twitter Promotion Concepts

Twitter is a powerful marketing platform, and that performance is amplified if you use the right Twitter advertising ideas and apply them correctly.

The secret is not always to throw and sell, but to communicate and deliver value.

With the Top Performing Twitter Promotion Tips, your marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.

Read the article below and discover 15 Powerful Twitter Advertising Ideas to Use to Build Your Brand and Run Effective Microblogging Marketing Campaigns.

1. Upload a custom Twitter header

With Twitter, you can now add a header image to your Twitter profile.

Adding is easier than you might think. Just go to “Settings” then “Design” and upload your image.

The recommended dimensions are 1500 × 500 and the maximum file size is 5MB.


This image, which you chose for your Twitter header image, will also appear in most Twitter mobile applications.

On my custom Twitter header image, I created a custom design in the top corner that includes my other social profiles and websites.

2. Choose your Twitter ID carefully

Your Twitter handle can either help or harm you in building your Twitter brand. So choose wisely.

Shorter is better because of RTs, but catchy is better than short because of memorability.

Get a catchy, short username and you’re golden.

3. Advertise with your profile

Your Twitter profile is clearly visible when you insert a link

Ask yourself: where do I want to send the most traffic? The answer to that question is the link that you should use in your bio.

In addition to the main URL spot, Twitter offers if you mention other Twitter usernames or include other URLs starting with http: // In your bio, these will also become clickable links.

4. Link itLink-it-up

Promote your Twitter presence by adding links to your Twitter profile on your website, your other social media profiles, in your email signature, and anywhere relevant.

5. Use your real name

People connect better with people than with brands.

Present yourself as a person rather than a brand, and this will make your promotional efforts a lot easier.

6. Advertise with #hashtags

Use the # symbol in front of a keyword to add your tweet to a stream of tweets that all use the same #hashtag.


If you have a small audience, this can be a powerful way to attract new people to your content.

Be careful if you go overboard with hashtags. #If # you # use # a lot # of # hashtags # it # looks #ugly.

7. Connect with people who have common interests

When you connect with people who have common interests, the likelihood that it will be a reciprocal and beneficial connection is much greater than if you connect with someone by chance.

Use an advanced Twitter search to connect to people whose bio contains keywords related to topics you tweet about (Twitter, social media, marketing, etc.).

Using an advanced search gives you several other ways to make relevant connections, such as: For example, finding people nearby or connecting with people who have tweeted content that interests you.

8. Use Twitter directories to promote your Twitter profile

Here is a list of the best Twitter directories to expand your network.

9. Cross promotion with influencersinfluence

Follow the influencers of your company or your industry and retweet them to get on their radar.

After a few retweets, you reach out to them with a mention and some feel compelled to contact you as you’ve shown you are ready to help.

If you connect with influencers and help them, there is a good chance they will return the favor and help you with your promotion.

10. Place your advertising tweets

Use a Twitter profile management tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to manage multiple Twitter accounts and schedule your updates.

For more tips on this, check out this post on timing your tweets.

11. Offer special “Follower Only” promotions and coupons

Increase sales on Twitter by giving your followers special offers and coupons.

One way to do this is to give anyone who retweeted one of your tweets a special offer.

12. Run a Twitter traffic contest

Create winning twitter contests

Create a viral competition by offering a prize to whoever gets the most traffic to your competition page.

Have contestants use a contest hashtag and bit.ly link so you can keep track of who is sending the most traffic.

You can track bit.ly link clicks by adding a + at the end of a bit.ly link.

13. Use offline marketing to drive your Twitter advertising

Just because an advertisement is on Twitter doesn’t mean you can’t promote it with offline marketing collateral.

Get real results online with a traditional ad, billboard, or Twitter business card.

14. Tweet promotional images

Post pictures of your products, business cards, and other items related to your business.

If you’re on Instagram, send your pictures to Twitter whenever relevant.

A picture is worth a thousand words and can be a great way to get your audience excited about you.

Make sure you respond to the people you mention as often as possible, as ignoring your followers can make your followers feel alienated. It gets harder to get in touch with everyone as your following grows, but do your best and you will get great results.

15. Get more Twitter followers

The more followers you have, the easier your Twitter advertising will become.

Read this article that I wrote with 75 tips to get more followers and learn more about organic online and offline ways to build a fan base.

If you want to improve your social proof and Twitter afterwards, check out the services offered by Grow my Twitter Network.

Bonus tip: keep your account safe

If your Twitter account is compromised, it could seriously damage your brand, cause you to lose followers, and ruin your Twitter ad campaigns.Twitter security

Use a strong password to protect your Twitter account from hackers and always sign out of your Twitter account when using a shared computer.

If you find any security issues, change your password immediately.

Be wary of suspicious direct messages from your followers as several malicious applications send direct messages without their consent.


Which Twitter promotion tip do you think is the most effective? Let us know in the comments below!

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