149 arrested after 1000’s attend California celebration they heard about on TikTok

Huntington Beach Police declared an illegal gathering Saturday night after around 2,500 people showed up at a party many said they heard about on TikTok. A user named Adrian’s invitation on the social media platform for his “Birthday Kick Back” went viral and sparked massive participation.

According to CBS Los Angeles, 149 people were arrested and a curfew was imposed from 11:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. Of those arrested, 121 were adults and 28 were teenagers.

Fees range from vandalism and firing dangerous / illegal fireworks to non-proliferation and curfew violation.

People across the country claimed they would attend the event, although it is unclear how many made the trip. CBS Los Angeles spoke to a man from Stockton who was traveling halfway across California to get there. He said he was just trying to have some fun despite the pandemic.

Another attendee told CBS Los Angeles that she was there for similar reasons. “It’s like you don’t remember when you were young? You just want to have fun, have parties, and we kind of lost that this year because of COVID,” said Erica Ramirez.

No significant injuries were reported by authorities, although police said vandalism damaged some businesses, police vehicles and a lifeguard tower.

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