10 Vegan TikTok Accounts You Have to Observe

Halle’s report exudes positivity and is filled with simple recipes (many of which only require a blender or microwave) that are perfect for college students. In addition to these simple bowls and smoothies, Halle is also experimenting with her own recipes – she tries to veganize non-vegan classics like Korean-style mini corn dogs and crispy rice balls, and she even creates original recipes like polenta fries. If you like her short-form content, be sure to check out her YouTube channel where she posts more in-depth videos about a vegan lifestyle and her college life.


so good that I could drink it 🙂 #easyrecipe #plantbased #dip

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This account is perfect if you’re looking for creative, unconventional ideas to spice up your diet. Kat’s recipes – from tahini chocolate chip cookies to blueberry ricotta toast – can fulfill any of your exotic vegan cravings. You’ll also enjoy the “What I Ate This Week” segments which are perfect if you’re struggling to figure out what to have for dinner. Be sure to check out the famous Crushable Vegan Chicken video that went viral – the dish is made with tofu, chickpeas, miso, chicken broth, and wheat gluten and is guaranteed to satisfy your meat cravings!


a bean a green a grain a whole meal !! 🥦 #vegan #DoritosDuetRoulette #Oscars #veganrecipes #milk-free #easyrecipe #veganfood #foodtiktok

♬ Thoughts – L.Dre

Tabitha and her TikTok account are aptly referred to as “the world’s favorite mother” and not only show simple vegan recipes. While she has a variety of recipe recommendations – from a gourmet veggie burger to a delicious fried PB&J – she also shows her followers how to nurture a healthy and positive attitude. Featuring the occasional feel-good inspirational videos, heart-to-heart conversations, and fun moments with their daughter and dog, Tabitha’s report is perfect for those looking to change their entire lifestyle. When you look at Tabitha Brown’s TikToks, you can expect to be nourished both physically and mentally.


Chicago Style Hot Dog with @fieldroast_ Signature Stadium Dog !! Baby, they smoke them🌭😋 #fieldroastpartner #tabithabrown #vegan

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If you want to quench your sweet tooth right now, Ava’s Account is the perfect place! Their TikToks feature quick and easy recipes like tortilla-wrapped cinnamon rolls and healthy edible chocolate chip cookie dough that can be made in less than ten minutes. Some of their recipe videos – like their PB&J granola bars and protein swirl biscuits – feature an unconventional twist. If you want to turn simple stock items into a deliciously sweet dessert, this account is sure to inspire you!

@ vegan.inspo

frozen yoghurt rind ve #vegan #veganteen #tiktokwellness #whatieatinaday

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The Vegan Warehouse is also a marketplace for vegan products and offers a variety of sustainable environmentally friendly content. In addition to videos like “Top Staples That Helped Me Go Vegan”, “What I Eat In A Day” and “Skin Care Favorites For Sensitive Skin”, you will also find their own vegan products and handbags that they advertise Good. However, her most popular posts are her fun vegan memes that are sure to make you laugh!

@ theveganwarehouse

#greenscreen If you are tired of Oreos … # vegan #veganfood #fyp

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If you’re looking for quick tips on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle all around, Goodful is for you! With videos about zero waste kitchen swaps, tea blends for each zodiac sign, and a tempting $ 5 vegan pizza recipe, Goodful has a wide range of content from recipes to life hacks and much more! Most of their recipe TikToks are snippets from their YouTube channel. So be sure to check out their long-form content on YouTube if you want to try and recreate their delicious feel-good recipes.


@merleeshay and @rachelgaewski go head to head making two #vegan pizzas with two different budgets. Full video in the link in Bio # veganrecipes #goodful

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With a bio that brags “CEO of Veganizing Your Favorite Food,” you know Carleigh’s TikTok account is worth a look! With a wide variety of recipes to choose from – from smoothie bowls and light bites to larger, heartier meals – their TikTok recipes take a little more effort than some others but come with a huge reward in the end. Popular recipe videos include baked Bolognese, gratinated potatoes, and a buffalo chick’n dip – perfect for satisfying both vegans and non-vegans. If you want something sweeter, Carleigh also has some delicious seasonal dessert recipe ideas (like Frosty and Shamrock Shake) inspired by fast food classics.


The bull #smoothie #smoothiebowl #plantbased

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Watching a TikTok from Joanne will brighten your day! In addition to delicious Asian-inspired recipes like fried kimchi rice, fancy ramen, and jjajangmyeon, she also has a series of guides sharing inspiring messages on how to develop mental hardness and lead a beautiful, loving life. If you want to change your life and make delicious recipes on the go, you must check out this account!

@ thekoreanvegan

Grilled cheese and onions #sandwich # grilled cheese #foodtiktok #vegan #tiktokcooks

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This account is perfect for busy workout fanatics looking for easy and delicious recipes to help strengthen the mind and body. Most of the recipes are suitable for making meals and are very easy to prepare. As inspiration for snacks and breakfast, My Plant Based Kitchen offers a delicious recipe for date energy and recovery bites as well as a lot of oat variations to try overnight. Other unique food videos include a pineapple tofu teriyaki bowl and roasted Brussels sprouts, persimmon, and pomegranate salad, which can be easily stored in a mason jar and kept for later in the week.


Natures Muesli 🫐🍓🍌🤍 # vegetable #naturescereal #berries #recipes #health style #healthy food #vegan #lizzo

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If you just can’t get enough of VegOuts content and are looking for other ways to keep up with the hottest vegan products and restaurants, check out our TikTok! This is where we post the latest and greatest recommendations for vegan restaurants across the country, as well as product summaries. Maintaining a fulfilling, sustainable vegan lifestyle shouldn’t be difficult. We want to show you how easy and exciting a plant-based lifestyle can be. Follow us to stay up to date on the latest vegan innovations and see what inspires us!


Who is adding @montysgoodburger  to their bucket list? 👀 And yes, EVERYTHING is vegan! 🌱 #vegan #fyp #veganburger #montysgoodburger

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