10 Superior Twitter Analytics and Visualization Instruments

Recently, Twitter launched its native analytics platform for all users. Now you can get some quality data about your tweets straight from Twitter.

After researching over a thousand Twitter tools for the Twitter Tools book, I came across many Twitter analytics and visualization tools. These Twitter tools are designed to add value by providing another way to visualize or analyze your Tweets, the people on your network, and the Tweets of the people in your network.

Many tools tried to add value but failed. At least they tried.

However, the following tools strike me as extraordinary or fun. I recommend you try them out if you want to analyze and visualize your activity on Twitter.

1. TweepsMap

TweepsMap is a great Twitter tool for analyzing and visualizing your Twitter network.

As the name suggests, it shows you what percentage of your followers are distributed on a map.

You can see the distribution of my followers below. Of course, most of my followers are in the US and Canada, but it’s cool to know where my followers are around the world.


This follower data can also be viewed by province / state (see below) or even at the city level.

Twitter follower distribution by state or province

TweepsMap also has other great analysis options such as: For example, the ability to view inactive people you follow who haven’t tweeted in three or six months.

Here are some of the other powerful features of Tweepsmap.

Mapping of followers worldwide, interactively and at city level. Discover followers and influencers by location so you can design campaigns accordingly.

Intelligent publishing. Uncomplicated publishing based on the current interests of the followers, the best time to tweet (by region), the tweet scheduler and more.

Analyze influencers and competitors. Comprehensive analysis of all accounts (including competitors).

The best time to tweet. This new Tweepsmap feature shows you the best time to tweet based on when your followers are online and based on the best gain potential for your tweets (your followers’ followers).

Schedule Tweets to automatically send at the best time. Schedule any number of days of tweets, any day in the future, define the frequency of repetition (if any), edit if necessary – and Tweepsmap will automatically track the time of day (based on your best times for the tweet profile).

Growth / decrease by region: absolute number and delta of daily, weekly, monthly or data adjusted according to campaign data.

Measure impact and reach so you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Unique. In-depth analysis and engagement.

There are too many other great features of TweepsMap to cover in detail here, but I’ll be doing a full review of this Twitter tool in the near future. So stay tuned and check them out in the meantime!

2. Audience

Audiense is an interesting platform with which you can analyze and visualize your network in different ways.

In addition to analysis, you can also use Audiense to expand your network and schedule tweets for Hootsuite or Buffer directly on the platform.

Some of their other functions include:

  • Discover your Twitter community
  • Determine the best time to tweet
  • Identify influencers
  • Arrange your target audience with precision
  • Discover and follow specific Twitter users
  • …and more!

3. keyhole

Keyhole is a Twitter Analytics tool that you can use to access Instagram data as well.

With Keyhole, you can track hashtags, influencers, high impact data, and more.

4. Twitonomy

Twitonomy is a powerful Twitter platform for analytics that I discovered after founder @MattFyot contacted me on Twitter.

This free service is actually very robust and I am impressed with all of the different analytical methods it offers.

To give you a better idea, here is a screenshot of my Twitonomy profile:

Twitonomy profile

5. Twenty feet

Twenty Feet is a powerful analytics platform that tracks and graphs stats like Twitter mentions, followers, retweets, and more.

Twenty Foot also integrates with other services such as Facebook, Bitly, Google Analytics, YouTube and more.

You can follow Twitter and Facebook for free with Twenty Feet. If you want to pursue other services on top of that, these have also paid for packages and offer a free 30-day trial.

20 foot Twitter analytics

6. Twitter counter

Twitter Counter allows you to visualize and track the growth of your own followers and even compare your growth to the growth of other users.

Below is a graph that shows my followers growth over the past month.

Twitter counter screen capture

7. Visible Tweets

Visible Tweets is a way to view Tweets based on keywords or usernames.

This twitter visualization tool is basically a screensaver with your tweets.

Here is a video I recorded with a quick demo of this tool.

8. Tweetstats

Tweetstats is, you guessed it, stats for Twitter. And robust statistics too. Check out this tool for a glimpse of your tweeting style and tendencies.

Tweet statistics

9. Twistori

Twistori is an elegant way to display a scrolling tweet stream with the emotional words: I love, I hate, I think, I believe, I feel and I wish.

This is a pretty interesting way to get a feel for the pulse of Twitter.

Twistori10. Tweepsmap

TweepsMap is a cool tool that shows you where your followers are in the world.

With this tool you can map the effectiveness and distribution of your followers.

Below is a screenshot of the TweepsMap map made by my followers. It has the greatest concentration in the USA and Canada, but is also distributed worldwide.


Bonus analysis tools


MentionMap is a cool tool for exploring networks. The interactive nature of this tool is very neat, although navigation is sometimes cumbersome. Check it out for yourself with the embed below.

Mention map-dot-com


Portwiture is definitely one of the more unique Twitter visual apps that you will find. Instead of marking clouds or graphics, Portwiture lets you visualize your tweets in photos.



Foller.me is a cool free Twitter analytics tool that allows you to quickly analyze important stats about each Twitter user.

My favorite features of this tool are analyzing topics, hashtags, and mentions.

Other cool features from foller.me include the times of day you usually tweet, the breakdown of your last 100 tweets, and so much more!


Tweet archivist

the archivist

Tweet Archivist was created by Mix Online, a group of designers and developers at Microsoft.

Some of the cool features of this tool are:

  • Top users
  • Top words
  • Top URLs
  • Tweet vs. Retweet ratio
  • Sources (tools) Tweets are also sent

My favorite twitter tool

The Twitter analytics tool TweepsMap is a major reason I have consistently achieved good results on Twitter.

With this tool, I know more than ever where my network comes from and what is going on in it.

Give it a try to get a better idea of ​​how it can work for you.


How do you analyze and visualize your tweets and your Twitter presence? Let us know in the comments below!

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