1 Useless After Off-Street Automobile Overturns In NJ ‘Hidden Gem’ Crystal Lake Popularized On TikTok

One person died after a four-person SUV crashed into a Jersey Shore lake that became popular on TikTok that weekend.

Earlier this year, a person drowned on the same privately owned former mining property in Ocean County.

The incident happened Saturday night when the SUV rolled over and was submerged in 25 feet of water – James Grover, 62, still on his seat belt, NJ.com reports.

Grover was pronounced dead at the scene and authorities believe he drowned, the article reads.

Two other inmates and the driver escaped, and none have been hospitalized, police officers said.

During the summer, several Crystal Lake videos surfaced on the TikTok social video sharing platform, calling the spot a “hidden gem”.

A Manchester parish police spokesman warned, however, that the water could be “very unpredictable and dangerously unstable”.

“Those who step in the water will quickly find that after a few steps in the soft, unstable sand, the coastal shelf quickly drops to depths exceeding 60 feet,” the spokesman wrote.

“Some estimates put the largest ‘lake’ on the property up to 300 feet deep.”

The Ocean County Attorney’s Office, the County Sheriff’s Office and the Manchester Police are investigating the incident.

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